The panda was kung fu fighting: KUNG FU PANDA 3 tops the box office with $41 mil.. An “A” cinemascore..

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MONSTER sinkhole hits Oregon highway!

A monstrous cloud is now heading to our Milky Way galaxy with enormous speed and is ready to collide with it, scientists said, adding that when it plows into our galaxy, the reaction will trigger star formation and provide gas for 2 million new stars. The “apocalypse” it brings is not going to happen tomorrow – the scientists found out that the cloud is expected to plow into the Milky Way’s disk in some 30 million years.

The latest trailer for CABIN FEVER remake may make you sick..

Mother and daughter both brought their A-game.
NO SAG: Susan Sarandon stuns with SAG AWARDS outfit..

About 50,000 years ago, Australia was home to a 500-pound bird known as Genyornis newtoni. Research published recently in Nature Communications suggests that humans contributed to the species’ demise by eating their melon-sized eggs.

NEW EVIDENCE about how the moon was formed// MORE: A recent study published in Science by Edward Young, a geologist from UCLA, found evidence for a violent collision 4.5 billion years ago that formed our moon . Evidence from lunar rocks in comparison with rocks found here on Earth suggests a giant impact was the source of the moon we know today. This further supports the common theory that the moon was formed by a major planetary collision between Earth and Theia.

More information about these weird booms being heard everywhere..


New report claims: We cannot find alien life because climate change killed the aliens!

CHRIS CARTER: X FILES almost got shut down for getting too close to something..

New years fear: ZIKA virus spreading explosively..
NEW YORK CITY addresses..

Disgusting beyond belief: In Flint Michigan, state workers were getting clean water for a year while the government denied problems.. 

Creepy doll helps advertise for THE BOY horror movie..

Indications: North Korea prepping for missile test..

RELATED: Earthquake hit N.J. earlier in January
Numerous trembling and shaking in New Jersey.. either Chris Christie jumping rope or quakes are happening–or sonic booms fro another reason.. today: By 3 p.m., the U.S. Geological survey had posted on its website that the tremors shaking parts of New Jersey on Thursday afternoon were the result of a probable sonic boom…  THE USGS site reports.. NBC NEWS reports this wrap: UPDATE: US military officials: F-35C Joint Strike Fighter jet created a “number of sonic booms” during flight tests off NJ coast Thursday..

Weekend box: KUNG FU PANDA looks to $40 mil opening..

THE ATLANTIC: ‘In defense of flat earthers’..


Did you ever get a song stuck in your head? How about a song that never existed!? Give this a read and try not to.

The NIGHT TERROR news list.. Things you should read–during the safety of daylight hours..

WE can all find a large volume of lists online of haunted places. And since there’s so many, I am going to add another one to the mix here.. One of my personal goals for 2016 is offering up some commentary, thought, and interviews with people you’re not very used to. I want to also interview people at certain ‘haunted’ facilities..  Give me some time.

This is mid winter (or it is supposed to be), but climate did not get the memo. The NWS is watching not 1 but 2 lows that have hurricane force winds in the NORTH ATLANTIC.. And a storm developing off the British Isles..  But remember. Earth changes are NOT happening. Tell yourself that one a few times and try not to laugh.

North Korea is not done .. Now this weekend’s headlines include news thatKim Jong Un and company have demonstrated a new surveillance ballistic missile.   And Lil Kim sported an excellent hat during his dictatorship duty..

Yesterday we all were told a cop was shot in Philly by a man proclaiming allegiance to ISIS.. Today the new Mayor of the city, Jim  Kenney, said ISIS had nothing to do with the shooting. Anger ensues among some about that.. The police officer is alive, incidentally..

Drug Kingpin  EL CHAPO is to return to same prison he ecaped him. And hopefully not just to escape from the same prison he escaped from..

Tonight, the POWEBALL is powerful.. set over $800 mil (if no one wins this could get to a billion) .. I am going to buy my ticket and I suspect you will buy yours. This could be a blowout for the victor.. Or a curse. There are always dreams of the but jackpot.. the fantasy of the fancy cars and fine wine that come along with any victory in the lottery game. But there are equally concerns. I think we all have seen those specials on TV  or the concerning documentary about people who won the lottery, people like you and me who were normal (we are, right). People who just tried making it in life and suddenly had millions in cold hard cash leaped on their heads. They fell apart. . . did they live some luxury lives? Some. For a while. And then their families and friendships dissolved.. Often suicide and murder took place.. The money was a hoax of happiness, a curse and blemish on their once normal lives. But normal lives have struggles. Bills are due and often they bite, coming out of no where when you least expect them. Yes. Dreams of the lottery are amazing.. dreams.. The odds tonight are that 1 in 292 million people will win the big record $800 million Powerball. The rest of us will still be dreaming. Maybe it’s safer to dream than scurry away from the blinding lights of pop culture and media attention.

SLATE has a review of the new January horror movie THE FOREST. I didn’t get the warm and fuzzies from the David Ehrlich piece, he really hated the movie. I am not going to see it most likely, but I bet people will. There is something always successful when you consider January horror. It’s the come off of Christmas feeling people get. I noticed that a long, long time ago now (too long and too quick) with a quick January PG-13 hit called DARKNESS FALLS. The one interesting thing about this movie this year, THE FOREST, is that it is loosely based off of real events.. The forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide is all too real and very unexplained..

Speaking of horror, there are lots of lists being compiled on the movies in 2016 you should see.. ’31’ is included with this IGN list of 12 movies. In my opinion, that makes it 11 movies you should see. I just cannot and will not get into this 31 film, regardless of anything.. And quite frankly, all of the rest of the movies look like awful.

The man who allegedly went to WASHINGTON DC to kidnap President Obama’s dog.. ARRESTED. You don’t mess with the First Dog.

Justin Bieber was thrown off of the site of Mayan ruins after bad behavior.Beebs climbed on ruins that were built in the 13th century even though he received warnings they were unstable.