The Calm Before the Storm: Category 5 Donald

The other day, President Donald Trump met with military leaders and their spouses at the White House.. Out of no where–as he does either in person or on Twitter–he blurted out a comment citing that their meeting was the calm before the storm. Reporters were stunned.. aghast! What storm!? What calm!

It’s been calm?

While rumors persist–even as I type this out in a darkened and potentially haunted room–that we will strike North Korea somewhere around Columbus Day, there’s no concrete evidence that the ‘fire and fury’ will rage .. On a side note,  history proves that Columbus brought fire and fury wherever he went.

This is a scary month. The most paranormal of activities begin in October. The season of the witch.. the darkening days and earlier nights.. .the fabric of the here and there breaking now before our eyes. All of the realities taking a back seat to ghosts and goblins and Samhain lure..

But even scarier this October? Our reality.

Ever since the eclipse across America on August 21, things seemingly took a turn for the chaotic. While violence and disaster reigns supreme regularly across the planet, the United States and its territories seemingly had a sudden spate of severely bad luck since the sun dimmed and the darkness crept in.

Hurricane Harvey raged soon after. Irma followed.. Jose no way.. but now Nate is threatening New Orleans as I write this..
The shooting in Las Vegas has psychologically paralyzed the nation. We are told by officials that Stephen Paddock is currently the lone wolf who decided to open fire on a country music festival in the suicide capital of the United States, Vegas .What happens in Vegas gets hid in Vegas. The full story is still developing, and we are left to ponder the reason for the madness. ISIS!? Politics!? Religion! Perhaps the scariest possibility of all is that, in fact, a lone wolf DID do it.. and that he had no sound reason whatsoever.  Time will tell, and conspiracy theories will rage.

There are over 10,000 gun related deaths on a regular basis in the United Staes. Nothing seems ready to change in the violence department. With the exception of getting worse.

I h ave written before how this nation appears to be stuck in a rut of chaos and manipulative programming. While the news media and advertising world tells you there is a cure for everything, it has to make you fearful first. The fear factor has been getting more extreme .. each passing day brings a new crisis. And by the time we turn in for the night and wake up the next day, our minds are so overwhelmed that we can’t find the ability to compartmentalize and make sense of the chaos from the day prior. That is our newest state of affairs in the United States: Constant panic. Hyper tension.. massive drug addicts from sea to shining sea–either prescription or street kinds. All to escape.. all to find relief from ages of stress and age old fears…

Donald Trump stated that the calm before the storm is here now..
If this is the calm… I would hate to see what ever storm he’s talking about looks like.

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