St. Marteen flattened by Hurricane Irma..

While I have never been to the beautiful island of St. Marteen, several of my family members have been. They are set to go back in 2019 — potentially me too.

Until this week.. Hurricane Irma has completely destroyed the island according to so many reports.. Not only there, but also the fine 1600 or so people of Barbuda have 90% of their structures flattened..

This is a horrid storm with epic proportions. Nothing ever seen like this in the Atlantic before, folks. One of the strongest ever on the planet.. one of the longest ever at a Category 5 status. And headed towards the United States next.

I read this NEW YORK TIMES dispatch with sadness..  

On St. Martin, a part-French, part-Dutch possession where at least four people died as a result of the storm, aerial footage taken by the military showed streets inundated with water and homes devastated by winds. The second wave of destruction, for businesses at least, was man-made: looters were picking through the remains, sometimes in view of police officers who stood idly by, “as if they were buying groceries,” said Maeva-Myriam Ponet, a correspondent for a television network based in Guadeloupe, another French Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

St. Martin remained mostly isolated from the outside world on Thursday, lacking power and most cellphone service.

And a few photos…

The famed airport.. barely there


The prelude to more..

Keep in mind, even if NO WAY JOSE does not strike the United States, it path will be over the same islands that have already been wrecked beyond recognition by Hurricane Irma…

My God have mercy on all of their souls..

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