Suddenly balloons become scarier than clowns

Move over small town clowns..something new and potentially more frightening is overtaking main street USA.. One single red balloon.

They are popping up everywhere.. in Sydney, in Europe.. in the United States.

Pranksters who are getting ready for the release of ‘IT’ in across the globe are prepping their neighborhoods for fear: Someone(s) tying red balloon to sewer grates.

While the image may look harmless, those who have read Stephen King’s classic, watched the original 1990s made for TV atrocity, or are ready for the newest theater release, will know the meaning; the red balloon is what Georgie saw before being taken into the sewer..It’s Pennywise’s marker. He is waiting.

The red balloon..

Last week Pennsylvania State Police warned local agencies that clown sightings would be pronounced this autumn. Not sure if they were ready for balloon sightings..

The Lititz police department in Pennsylvania took to social media to release a humorous statement warning whoever tied the balloon to a gutter in their town not to do it again:

….last year clowns were banned from school Halloween parties.
Will red balloons be barred from birthday parties in ’17?

IT hits theaters within hours.
Floating begins.

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