Life in a microburst

These are videos you have to see to believe: On September 3 San Diego fell victim to a sudden and intense microburst storm. It rampaged through parts of the city and beaches.. it looked like a hurricane, tornado, or even monsoon. Perhaps all three put together..

Reporting from SFGATE:

Beach-goers were enjoying warm weather in Santa Barbara on Sunday when a bizarre microburst suddenly slammed the coast with rain and wind.

The storm system hit around 3 p.m., and according to some reports, wind gust speeds reached up to 80 mph.

“We’re trying to verify that,” says David Sweet with the Los Angeles National Weather Service. “Rumor has it that the wind speed was measured at 80 mph. If you look at the video of the event, you can say it’s at least 60 mph and possibly stronger than that.”

Some video to prove showcase the immense power mother nature suddenly had:


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