The symmetrical beauty

Get ready for ‘Irmageddon’.. the monster category 4 storm could very well be a category 5 by the time you are reading this. It began its long voyage over warm Atlantic waters after it left the coastline of Cape Verde.. The next destination she chooses to take is yet to be determined, but most figure the island nations will be damaged and then Florida and the East Coast are in the bullseye for rampaging..

The ultimate weapon of mass destruction comes from mother nature.. the mean hurricane season started with a Harvey landfall in Texas. Now Irma is coming.. this storm can parallel some famous monsters of the past, such as Andrew. Or it can be stronger..

As I write this I am amazed watching some graphics of Irma as she strengthens.. The buzzsaw looking storm now appears to be maintaining if not gaining strength. Over the past 24 hours, it appears that an eye wall replacement happened, causing the storm to increase in size and now, as it develops and wobbles, will only be more poised to cause mayhem.

So on that note, forgive me for my next comment: The storm is beautiful. It is picture perfect, if there is such a thing. I stare at the radar view of the storm or even the infrared images and am just in awe.. The majesty of nature, the beauty of something that can cause so much harm, is amazing.

This country seems to be going through a lot of hell since the solar eclipse. Back during that time frame, some ominously predicted that some petty wretched things were about to occur a nation that saw at least a dozen towns called Salem get a 100% solar eclipse.

Since that time frame, 50 inches of rain destroyed the lives and property of tens of thousands in Texas. Forest fires in Los Angeles and all the way up to Oregon have created images of ash raining down on people and the moon appearing red due to the heat and flames.

Gas prices are going to go up. They already have. If IRMA destroys more infrastructure we may face $4 to $5 gallon regular gas.

Disaster capitalism!
Price gouging!

$99 cases of water in Texas!

And this is all before the prospects of further hydrogen bomb tests coming from North Korea. Mad Dog Maddis and POTUS with hats for sale may soon declare war right back. But before that? A few more disasters in the nation that saw its greatest century back in the 20th.

What awaits?

Let’s hunker down for fall. The future awaits. And the future is unknown but potentially deadly.

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