The nuclear eclipse with fire and fury

The escalation of North Korean tensions is evidenced by this morning news cycle: NK may have a nuke on a warhead. Trump warns that their threats will lead to 'fire and fury' the likes of which the world has never seen. So North Korea figures it would threaten to conduct a nuclear attack on Guam.

….While I did not live through the Cuban Missile Crisis, as a student of history, these fateful dog days of August appear to be even more dangerous than then..

It also coincides with a day of darkness across the United States–at least a few minutes worth.

On August 21 2017 a solar eclipse will dim the sun's rays and cause a totality for major cities from Oregon to South Carolina.

Eclipses, some would argue, are harbingers of disaster and doom for a nation. They would harken back to biblical passages and history itself to justify their beliefs.

There are always coincidental anomalies in our normally paranormal world.

This year, parapolitical has taken center stage.

This month, international affairs have been stoked by fires and fury within the nations.

….I sadly comment and resign myself to ponder: How does any of this lead to anything EXCEPT war..?