ECLIPSE mania about to begin…

In earnest..

We have known about it for years. This website–me–has bought the shirts and spread the word .. just haven’t purchased the sunglasses yet. Eclipse 2017 mania is about to spread.

August 21 is D-Day for those who want to see an American eclipse–all 50 states will get a glimpse. For me in Pennsylvania, 75% predicted in my neck of the woods. My niece got luckier, as a Charleston resident she gets 100% totality.. Not bad at all…

If you have been living under a rock as of late you may not know that the moon will provide us the first nationwide solar eclipse in decades.. for a long time.

The August 21st total solar eclipse is the first to touch the continental U.S. since 1979 and the first to cross from coast to coast since 1918. It’s also the first to be visible exclusively from the U.S. since we became a sovereign nation. Remarkably, the Moon’s dark shadow crosses the continental U.S. but touches no other country as it travels 8,600 miles across Earth’s surface. Accordingly, many are calling this the Great American Eclipse or All-American Eclipse.

We are about to live through amazing history.

And with the path, some giant cities will see major totality.


This will be the view on August 21 in the mid-afternoon hours. Summer will be waning but we will be amazed at the sights from the sky.

This really cool animation tells you what your view–weather permitting–will look like on the date..

….be safe.

The only time it will be safe to look with the naked eye is during the brief window of so-called “totality,” when the sun is completely blocked by the moon. Totality will be visible only from a ribbon of land that stretches across the U.S.; the rest of the country will see only a partial eclipse.

When any part of the sun is uncovered and the eclipse is only partial, viewers need eye protection — even if there’s just a tiny crescent of sun left in the sky..


The special glasses are for sale at retailers like Lowe’s and Walmart..

This is going to be an historic event. I frankly can’t wait. I have been looking forward to this for at least a year..

ABC news is going to plan a 2 hour eclipse special report..

The Walt Disney unit will on Monday, August 21, break into regularly scheduled programming at 1 p.m. Eastern to present a two-hour special, “The Great American Eclipse,” that follows what is expected to be the first total solar eclipse visible in America in 38 years. David Muir, anchor of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” will lead the proceedings.  An ABC News team of reporters will report from viewing parties and landmarks in the “path of totality,” and interview spectators. Viewers will be able to submit photos and videos to ABC for inclusion in the special and on ABC News’ social media platforms.

There are some cities preparing for a nightmare! Terrible cell phone reception! Garbage from tourists! GPS not working. The government and Red Cross are actually warning people to print out directions since GPS may not get you where you are going…

….get your glasses>>> And get your asses in gear to watch an historic solar eclipse blanket the entire United States.