KISS the Calf

Most of the time I think these types of stories are ridiculous.. things like the Virgin Mary in toast. Or Jesus in a shadow.. or .. well…


This one .. really.. this one seems to be exact.

This looks like Gene Simmons.

Rancher Heather Leonard Taccetta, who works at the Cowboy Steak House in Kerrville, Texas, immediately saw that the facial markings – complete with long tongue – belonging to a calf born July 28 matched the famous stage makeup worn by KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

Taccetta sent a photo of the newborn named, of course, Genie, to her local tourism board, Hill Country Tourism, which posted the image on its Hill Country Visitor Facebook page.

Over at the official KISS Facebook page, fans were highly amused by the similarities between the calf and their favorite rocker, who has famously bragged that he has proof he’s slept with more than 4,800 women.

‘Dammit, gene, I know you slept with, like a thousand women, but c’mon man!!!!’ wrote Facebook user Terry Rollins, while Jeff Westergard noted that at least one of the many women Simmons claims to have bedded ‘could’ve been a cow.’

The real question now remains: Will the call end up on your plate, minced together with a horde of other dead cattle to create the burger of some future summer season?…. Think about then when you say “how cute.”