This is a horrid story of human trafficking ..
Nine people are dead and 20 others were rescued this weekend in San Antonio.. They were found crammed into the back of a truck in a Walmart parking lot–officials say it is a case of human trafficking gone deadly.

The chief of police, William McManus, said that the city is looking into this as a crime.

The AP reported late Sunday that 17 of those rescued were being treated for life-threatening injuries–this is not publicly released but was given to the AP anonymously..

According to published reports, the victims were literally hot to the touch as they were sweltering and literally baking within the confines of the truck..

There are some pieces of information that state at least 100 people were crammed into the truck at some portion of its voyage.. Some of the survivors are between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age.

The investigation will now delve into where the truck was from and how it became a part of a human smuggling network. Already information is circulating widely that the truck had a plate that was registered to Pyle Transportation in Iowa. At this point the company has not responded to requests for a comment.

While the human beings slowly succumbed to dead and injury, the actual temperatures soared beyond 100 degrees. The truck? Even hotter inside.

The way the entire nightmare unfolded is still being told. But initial reports indicate that a disoriented man went to a Walmart store employee asking for water. The employee then called the police .. They arrived to find the tractor trailer of torture.

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These events are not isolated. Yes, the reality of this horror has been uncovered for all to see, but countless men, women, and children are all too often the victims of brutal human trafficking networks.

Homeland Security publicly states that 2,110 human trafficking investigations took place in 2016–a drop in the bucket of what potentially occurs.

The victims are often forced into labor and sex slavery.. they have shortened lives.. They are equipped with little resources to survive. And they often perish at the hands of their captors…

This latest story from San Antonio will be investigated.. But it is disgusting …



All eyes on the driver: James Matthew Bradley, 60, from Clearwater Florida, is being held in connection with the incident. Monday morning action will take place as charges are going to be filed against him..


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