Move over vacation time! Welcome to Microchips as fringe benefits

It happened in Australia and Sweden. It now comes to America ..

A Wisconsin company is going to "offer" its employees the chance to be microchipped!

The Chief Executive of Three Square Market that, basically, since it is going to happen, the company wants to be a part of it…

The company designs software for break room markets that are found in office complexes.. And now they want to place microchips into the hands of their employees..

In the near future–like RIGHT NOW future–they will be able to use their hands to swipe to pay for items.. They will be able to use the chip in their hands to get into the front door of the company.

The chip size: About that of a single grain of rice. Each chip will cost $300. The kind company is picking up the tab–how quaint and beautiful. An employee benefit, I suppose.

News accounts state that no one at the company is being required to get the chip. Not yet. Not there.. but somewhere.. It will occur. Eventually everything is eventual. Including a near future where foreign items will be implanted in your hands for the enjoyment and tracking purposes of others.

A benefit….
So much for health benefits of vacation time!!
Welcome to the world of chips.

And if an employee quits or is fired? Who will pay for the removal.

You're on your own with your fringe benefits….

Of course the next time your company gets hacked perhaps your hands will do some very strange things ..