The past is the future is the past

Forgive me for not completely understanding the information provided.. but quantum physics isn’t easy..

A new study in quantum theory, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A, is proposing that causation can run backward through time, essentially that the future is influencing the past, or now as we speak.

Basically those conducting the study concluded that since there is no prove time ran in a linear fashion, then you can also theorize that particles from the future could influence the past.

Yes.. there is a lot more scientific jargon that I failed to completely comprehend when an attempt was made to read the study..

One good comparison from the story was that this study shows a stomach ache today could be possible because of a sandwich eaten tomorrow.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This all seems like Donnie Darko kind of stuff.. like …the kind of conversation one has around camp fires under the starry nights of summer.

With deep amazement I can only say this: A whole bunch of people in the future saying that a King Henry VIII painting does not exist could have made the King Henry VIII pairing front he past that did exist cease to exist.

What if..?