Drug overdoses are suddenly exploding in at least three counties in Pennsylvania..

A cluster of more than 50 overdoses within 48 hours in Tioga, Lycoming and Clinton Counties prompted a warning Friday about potential lethal risks of heroin that could be laced with fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.

A spokeswoman for UPMC in PA told the Harrisburg PENNLIVE site that the situation appears to be stabilizing..

It’s not just Pennsylvania.

Dateline Kentucky: Boyd County EMS Director, Tom Adams says within about a four hour window, nine overdoses were reported, and one was fatal. In the last six days, four people have died after what officials are calling “an extremely potent and dangerous batch” found its way into the Boyd County area.

Back to PA for a minute. There are some more troubling stats: Data released this past week from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council said 1,524 heroin overdose hospitalizations occurring statewide in 2016, compared to 919 in 2014 and 378 back in 2003.  Those skyrocketing numbers are also illustrative in other parts of the country. Small towns. Places that suddenly fear sundown.. The number 1524 amounted to about $27 million costs to public and private insurance companies.

The show DRUGS INC is still on Netflix. It is a few years old but the message is still loud and clear, if not louder and clearer than ever before. It was a program produced by National Geographic. One particular episode that stands out in my mind is called INDEPENDENCE DAY. It details the amount of danger that drug use includes around the Fourth of July in Chicago.. When grudges explode. When firecrackers go off and people shoot to kill ..

What a world.

And in your world, if you have an addiction or know someone who does, here is a phone number that may be of assistance. And don’t be afraid to call.


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