The blue zone nightmares

Look at the map here..

I am in the blue zone on here.. It’s exciting to be prepping for a winter storm–especially one in March when you know spring is just about to truly arrive (albeit it did arrive in February for a while, and people let their guard down) ..

There are expectations that for someone, maybe someone reading, this winter storm will turn into a blizzard of 2017. Historic for someone. Widespread 12+ inch snow amounts.. New York City to Boston and along the Eastern Seaboard? Windy conditions and blizzard feel coming..

Andre Linoge on the way.

Linoge is the character in Stephen King’s STORM OF THE CENTURY I so often refer to in the winter when weather gets bad.. Ever since I watched that movie as a kid, I got the sense that there was some creeping feeling of dread and doom when the weather turned dark and cold.. The idea that the Devil himself is walking throughout the blue zone trying to find prey.. that a storm of the century, or massive blizzard, helps him distinguish his targets… That is scary.

Snowstorms are slightly scary to me, in a way.. Depending on your locale, it may be downright frightening. Bread and milk runs could be impossible if you’re isolated from activity or highways..

As you get older, the notion of being snowbound becomes a scarier premise. Maybe you’ll be in trouble at work! Maybe you’re heating will go! Maybe you’re be stuck for days without food! At least you can melt snow to drink..
I think parenting also creates a more frightening reaction. Because now it’s not just about feeding you or your partner, but a hungry little brain and mouth..

I recall the blizzard of 93, and then 96.. The two storms were historic. I remember being happy about missing school for a week.. playing in wind-swept snow piles as high as the sky.. I have vague memories of snow being near my chin in certain spots after the storm left.

The innocent days then..
Now .. I worry about the dark and doom that a storm can bring.
The brain, as it matures, begins to rot.

But in total honestly, the negative thought are only slight. I actually have mostly positive thoughts all of the time. In this matter, I don’t really fear the blue zone so as long as correct preparations are made. The staples.. the food.. canned goods.. water.. And yes, Monday night a run for Chinese food to ensure leftovers in the storm. My son is excited.  My wife and I are, as well. A snowstorm brings out the child, to a degree, in an adult..

….until the wind and snow fly  after sunset..
Then your eyes begin to search for safety.. and for dangers that may exist..
….dangers like Andre Linoge standing under a street light, silently in the snow, staring at your house in the blue zone.

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