The WhatsApp killer in Germany caught as the spirit of the dark web invades the light

Police in Germany did something different with this case: Instead of holding back the name of the suspect in he brutal online killings this week,they said his full name.. and gave information. Marcel Hesse was deemed unfit to serve in the German military. Rejected, he went online and did more savage acts..

This week, viewers of the WhatsApp app and also some on the often morally vanquished dark web, were able to see the murder of a 9-year-old boy play out in real time.. and then chat with the killer after who lamented that slaughtering someone means they take longer to die..

He then went on to kill again, a 21-year-old.. 

Police are investigating to determine if he also managed to have a third victim, a female, who he bragged was more difficult to kill on dark web postings..

Two bodies found.. and a killer arrested.. this is relief for Germany As they were nervously watching the story play out in real time..
In realtime..

Things have changed since the dawn of the wired world. 

There are moments now when Facebook suicides have become almost so normal there are people who just casually look the other way. And now as we move further into this new virtual reality of fear and death culture, it just promises to get more gruesome.. Ugly.. violent..

From the reports,

Police later said as the boy was stabbed multiple times Hesse filmed his demise and posted video and stills on the so-called ‘Darknet’ – the lurid, unpatrolled side of cyberspace specialising in pornography, paedophilia, drugs and ‘snuff’ movies.

It was a Darknet user – who claimed to know the killer – who was upset by the images of the little boy who contacted police to tell them; ‘I have just seen a boy murdered on the Internet.’

The alleged killer also entered a chatroom after the murder and held his bloodstained hands up to the camera. 

This WhatsApp killing seemingly has the hallmarks of a made for TV movie.But made for TV movies are so 2000 and late. he in thing is Tweetable things.. Stranger Things. Maybe a Netflix DOCU would do, but TV? Pshhha…nah…

The killings are ver horrific. Of course nothing more horrific than other headlines of the day.. True crime is one thing.. but the morbid-obsessed vultures online who eat this stuff up are also as troubling.  They can make someone as nervous as the rabble rouser in the crowd or the murder suspect on the run until being caught cops.

Some on the reactions online have been interesting.  Not on the dark web but the ‘lighter’ version.. Comments on stories range from ‘kill him’ to ‘torture him slowly’ … to ‘let him rot and die of cancer.’  The reactions.. the horrid crime.. all of it.

Did you ever get a sneaking sense that you are not surrounded by light, but instead increasingly swept away by darkness? Dark hearts.. far darker anger and hostility across the world than ever before? Humanity seemingly lost in the despair and depression of being the down and out constantly.. the 1% hidden away in bunkers and islands to protect themselves from the masses of asses poised to one day revolt…?

It all feels like it to me.   And when I think of the family of the murdered people in the WhatsApp killer case being forced to read the horrid details of the last moments of their loved ones’ lives, I cannot help but sense a certain rage within my own heart as well..

Because we must all be there.. just pushed to the wall, the limit.. the path that leads into depravity ..Hold back! Stear clear! Bask in the light and love of creation.. It’s the only way.