Stressful things

I don’t care what self help videos you watch.. what vegan food recipes you find solace in.. I don’t think it even matters if you practice world class yoga and can stand on one toe while holding a piano on your pinkie: You will one day, without question, succumb to stress.

It may be work.
It may be family..
It may be your health..
It may be the traffic jam that, for years, you just accepted.. you were fine.. but today, this day, you stood up to it. You looked it in the eyes.. and you struck back. Either outward.. or with an inner road rage that not even your outside facial expressions could illustrate with pinpoint accuracy..


Stress is like Freddy Kreuger.. this evil presence that lurks over your brain. It strikes when you least expect it but hurts when it hits..

Does it seem to you what I think it does to me: Life itself has been filled with extra stresses as of late? Maybe the over-intensive political debates.. Maybe the abundance of technology in life? Maybe … the weather.. the worry.. taxes.. death.

There are times I actually think that stress is the body’s way of forcing your brain to stop thinking of the inevitable. Think of it: If you brain was really on your side, it would take a stressful situation that won’t matter in either five minutes or five years, and force you to think of how unimportant it all is.. Life will go on. It too shall pass. The only thing you can count on with any surety is that things will change in time. But instead your brain focuses on the stress.. it delves deep into the endless corruption of time. It elevates things without significance to  a pedestal unbecoming and undeserving of where it stands.. Yes, indeed.. stress.. stress.. stress…

Long term stress is very bad for your health. Or at least that is what experts who profess to know things say..
Lately.. for me.. It is ..

There is good stress.. bad stress.
But stress.

The awful thing is, over time, the good stress can be confused with the bad.. and you’re just a big giant ball of emotional melancholy and inner havoc.. the kind that can wreck the innards and displays the outwards with a frown.

Instead of turning the frown upside down, you see the clock tick.. the tipping point comes early and often. And you’re left frantic in a zoo –no a nightmare!!–of lunacy inside.

I would love to hear how YOU, the fine reader of this sometimes-updated website, actually deal with your own inner demons.. your own stress.. your own horrors of the mind..  Opine if you have the time. It may help me with mine.   🙂

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