My what a beautiful monocle you DON’T HAVE

It happened again..
The Mandela Effect, for all its naysayers, seemingly strikes when you least expect it.. at the most comfortable of occasions, you find yourself uneasy.. Uncomfortable.. Unsure of what you may have just realized is true despite what you always knew to be reality.

Last night while playing Monopoly, I took a hard look at the Monopoly Man.  I have seen him my entire life. . . from old board games as a child to even the NINTENDO version in the late 1980s, I have always loved the game. The newest version is cool but creepy–a credit card and banking fees, all electronic. So it was that when I figured, alright.. they must have modernized the Monopoly Man to have him loose the monocle.


Thus began another night of Mandela Effect thinking.

See… I went back, and I could not find any image of the Monopoly Man having a monocle. Even odder was finding people in Halloween costumes, dressed as the Monopoly Man with a monocle..

I also founds lots of pop culture references to the monocle.. people writing articles that that to really, really be the Monopoly Man you need a monocle to adorn your face. Even a scene in ACE VENTURA that would muddy the waters..


And nothing..
No evidence that a monocle ever existed..
Nothing to showcase proof that such a facial feature was on the Monopoly Man..

So yet again, another piece of information that weaves together a confusing fabric of the Mandela Effect.

I have long written about this topic on this website.. I have not really opined much about the validity of the effect, whether it’s true that reality has shifted or if we just all remember everything the wrong way.. Except a few times, name the following:

The turkey leg King Henry VIII mystery..
The movie KAZAM that never existed..
And OXICLEAN.. or however you spell it..

Add to that.. the Monopoly Man. And the fact that I have distinct and really vivid memories of the famous figuring having a monocle.

Unless I was just getting him confused with the PLANTERS NUT all of this time?


If it was on the Monopoly Man, no dice.

It’s gone now.
At least gone in this timeline..