The transition of power

I have long been a follower of all things political.. but you may have noticed that I rarely utilize this website as a location for punditry. People who are talking heads that sleep with NEWSIES in beds are much more likely to have a platform for such talk.. Catch me in person and I will unload with my beliefs. But here? This maybe is my late millennial “safe zone” self establishment.. a policed environment (self policed) where even I feel fine.

That written, I also say this: How can I not in some form acknowledge that tomorrow is going to be an historic day.. the Inauguration of Donald Trump. The unlikely president.

Those who know me personally would know this; since May of 2015 I thought Trump could be president. I told my wife and best friend, co-workers and all the possibilities in my mind that he could win.. A week before the election, I went through a very strong likelihood to some co workers who told me there was no chance what exactly the chances were.. I told a major Hillary Clinton fan who believed there was a 100% likelihood Trump would lose how he needed to realize that Hill would face the swan song of public life.  What made me angry throughout this entire election cycle was that expressing the political love of the game was not acceptable anymore. Say Hillary would win, you were a Hillary fan.. predict Trump? You were a deplorable. Gone was realism.. gone was a reluctance to believe in either side and instead we all boxed ourselves into the liberal or conservative corners we felt safe in.

We followed the Twitter feeds we wanted.. and the Facebook pages that we felt backed up the credible arguments were thought were credible. It was all too much…

And now enter reality again.

There may be 50+ Congressmen who are boycotting the Inauguration but the fact remains that the Constitutional Progression of Power will happen. Around 12:01 pm tomorrow, a new President will immediately have the nuclear codes, the POTUS twitter account, and everything else that goes with it. There are about 25 seconds of time where an oath of office occurs–a very brief moment in the life of this nation–where a president becomes former and a citizen becomes current. And that is amazing.. such a small brief little oath of office on a Bible makes one man a might..

There is something amazing about Inaugurations.. They have been historically peaceful. Former presidents attend.. both parties celebrate and wish the best.. I hope this continues. CNN broadcast a story about how a peaceful transition of power could end in Marshall Law. But that aside, we should all pray that the fabric of this nation stays in tact. That we as a people stay one.. that we weather any storm provided to us by the fate of nature, and that we believe in the value of the Constitutional Republic established hundreds of years ago.

We are a young nation.. there have only been 55th time that the brief oath of office was administered.. There have been some in snow. Rain. Sun. Warmth.. Even on a plane after an assassination.. This nation’s brief history has been through its share of tribulations. They will come and go. But they go. We strive to survive.

So let’s survive..

Raise a glass to history! To the timeless oath that creates a new leader..
When that new leader–regardless of how many Online Muscles he possesses–enters the Oval Office.. something magical happens. He  (one day she)  realizes that the power of the presidency doesn’t come from him.. no.. not at all. It comes from us.

So let’s lead this nation as one towards the future.

Armies can’t stop ideas whose time has come.

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