Along came a spider

A few years ago while pumping fuel at a local gas station, I saw a small spider struggling for life.. it was somehow inside the small window portion of the gas tank that shows the price and numbers as you pump.. A day or so later when I went back, I saw the spider deceased within the tank..

And wouldn’t yo know… for the past two or so years, I have seen this dead spider slowly decomposing into small specks on a nearly daily basis.

Through the heat of summer, the winds of winter, and the tears of autumn this small corpose has denigrated .. 

I have been almost enamoured with watching the process of deterioration of a small body.. emblematic to a degree of what happens to the mortal humans who pump their gas there as well..

Then I think: How many others ponder the plight of this small spider as it was struggling during its last days to get free … How many people even ponder the plight of fellow humans who are locked in daily struggles of warfare, economic disadvantage, or mental or physical bondage..? Few. Very few.

I know, human beings consider themselves the dominant species. They look proudly at their peril and forget the road of bleak darkness they are so often traveling on.. 

Value the life of a spider!? Not a chance..

Sadly for many people, the spider often has as much value as a child locked in poverty or a Syrian boy clutching his last toy as every bit of his life and family have been blown away by civil entanglement ..

But this spider lived.

There is proof of it! I saw it live..I saw it struggle.. and now I see it decompose daily.

America is about to travel into uncharted waters.. Donald Trump is being sworn into office tomorrow (as I write this) .. We are told the world will change. That hostilities may grow, or that jobs may come back.. or … pick your battle. Pick your position. What you say is often stated simply because you heard it said from a talking head somewhere else.

Few ideas are original.

We will survive this inauguration.. if Trump is a great president, fine. If he succeeds to be the worst? We have had the worst before.. And manny times the goodness or badness of a commander in chief is in the eyes of the the beholder..

But the spider? That spider did not care who was the leader of the free world.. the spider did not bother itself with anything except for one thing: The fight for survival. 

Sadly all things but live.. and all things must die..

The most amazing thing? This spider died for all eyes to witness it. And I wonder this.. over the past two years, did anyone even bother to see this spider’s body? 

So often we are the stars of our own show.. the actors in our own play. The problem becomes when we allow someone else to write the dialogue. We should get busy setting our own stage and creating our own affairs.

If not? We will travel the world like this spider.. and in the final analysis find ourselves struggling to get out of a place we never thought we’d be… 

All of this means one thing: Stop bothering yourself with so much politics and start immersing yourself back into life. As far as we know, we only have one. 

Act away!