Living in the moment. Minus a few.

Sometimes new years resolutions go awry quicker than you’d like..
but there’s always time to get back on track.

While I will admit, I don’t make many new years promises, this year I did: I vowed to be more positive. To be happier.. to look to the brighter side of life. And above all else, live within the moment of time I am existent in.

It all fell apart within moments after 2017 began.

Without going into the gory details of such things, I can say this: A few things occurred beyond my control .. a few personal items went frantic.. and even a local story became front of center when a friend of mine lost his 4-year-old child in a horrific accident.  I would never take away his tears and replace them with mine, that is a very selfish act. But the overall mood within the confines and wilderness of my thought process has become tainted with the reality that we exist in.  And all of this was coupled with the terrorish (still a question) act of the man who (maybe?) went on an Air Canada flight (they denied he was on the flight though right?) and shot up an airport in Florida ..

It has been a bad two initial weeks of 17..
I knew holding on to 16 as long as you could was the best prescription for sanity. 17 .. will .. . be .. insane to a degree.

But back to the resolution..

The noise and chaos in my brain are undoubtedly joined by the same emotions within you, the reader. I bet you money (have any?) that you’re feeling it too.. that you’re feeling overwhelmed..

I think we have catered to the worst of our demons with social media, and we have created our own overblown sense of anxiety.. that we have perplexed ourselves with raw emotional pain that isn’t ours.. We have surrounded our news feeds with tragedy and horror on scales never seen before the internet put it at our fingertips. And to what end? Tragic inharmonious illogical fantasy..

Living in the moment, perhaps, means closing down the Facebook app more times than not.. Living in the NOW means to ignore the constant diatribe of political diarrhea being uploaded to Twitter and other platforms. And yes, perhaps, turning off the machine will separate you from the new way of thinking.. but that’s not always such a bad thing.

I went to a very fun new years party with friends of ours. Loud music was blaring and confetti was flying in the air.. It was a great time had. But shortly before the ball dropped, the ‘late local news’ interrupted the fun and dance for a half hour of shootings, drug overdoses, and murder from the local region.  The host of the party made another person change the channel. He was smart.. why rid the mind of the frivolous fun for the world’s violence. Just escape.. for a moment..

If you can.

And sometimes, well, you just can’t.


This has been an obnoxious year. Ever present has been hate, garbage.. political rampages in text messages.. It’s not over, either. Just last night someone posted a snippet about the group of four that abused and tortured a mentally deficient man in Chicago, even forcing him to yell out disparaging remarks towards Donald Trump while they sliced off portions of his scalp.   The person who posted a link pointed out that, he thinks this at least, the media has paid  very little attention to the racial lines in the story–four African Americans and one caucasian … The responses to the post got testy. Dylan Roof was mentioned.. Words were exchanged. The post has vanished today, with the poster explaining on Facebook this morning that things just got too heated and he may have even lost a friend or two..

There it is, then. Our modern age.

….opinions are as common as other body parts… and worth about as much.
Opine away.
Just leave me out of it.

Time to get back on track.. again. If possible.
The only way to know if it’s possible to live in the now is to start trying.. no better time to start, than.. now.