Binge worthy Netflix

I just can’t get the violin song from the OA out of my head.. it’s stuck there… it’s constantly replaying. I whistle it.. I hum it. 

That is the kind of show THE OA is .. it will be stuck with you. 

This is the latest example of some amazing material coming from NETFLIX… STRANGER THINGS was one of those things earlier in 2016.. the hit was a inge-worthy program about kids dealing with an alternative universe..

THE OA is similar in some aspects.. much different in others. This is like a STRANGER THINGS for an adult audience.. 

The final scene in the fine episode is chilling and harrowing. The entire series made you feel like it was all true.. like the ‘movements’ were real. 

I can imagine the outtakes, of course.

I am being very inside baseball about this series. You really need to watch it for yourself.. no spoilers will be revealed here. No need to have them.. you can spoil it as you go by actually viewing and partaking in the newest series to create havoc with people’s lives–meaning that schedules are changing to accommodate the viewing habits of people who want to binge on THE OA.

SO view it…. enjoy it. 

It’s been a great year for horror entertainment, fantasy.. and yes, after all of these years of stale and repugnant pieces of garbage thrown at us from Hollywood, we are finally sitting something to each and enjoy. Lately it has not been on big screens or even small ones…. but streaming to a phone near you.

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