Ghost stories of the future 

I listened intensely to Coast to Coast AM Saturday night. Dave Schrader hosted paranormal expert Jeff Belanger.. The program was not a typical ghost show. Yes, there were chilling tales, but not those of the norm..


Instead Belanger (just as many others have also) proposed an interesting theory on ghosts and the like: Time slips. Time slips, the kind that I have written about extensively on here, he claimed would be a good notion to explain the paranormal. Time slips, he argued, may make sense of the senseless.. a story was retold on the program by guest host Schrader: Someone’s grandmother reported that she saw three shadowy figures in her living room while she was sitting on a rocking chair. With that, the house was known as being ‘haunted.’ Years later, three of the family members were in the house and saw a ghostly vision of the grandmother sitting on a rocking chair. With that in mind, who is haunting who…?

It is a perplexing question … just imagine that ‘ghost stories’ are really just tales of time slips. That we aren’t experiencing a paranormal moment, but instead something very normal and multiple timelines collliding .. Alien visitors? Maybe just ships of the future.. haunting sounds? The past still replaying itself just as much as the present..

I have been writing of time slips for years now. It is quite honestly one of my favorite topics. The Mandela Effect was not nearly as pronounced for me as it was for some others. But instead, the movie where Sinbad was a genie (didn’t exist) and the painting of King Henry VII holding a turkey leg (nowhere to be found) are the two most abundantly clear examples of why I put some belief that time slips, for some strange reason, occur. And looking through stats on my site, those two posts are also to date the most read and most hit stories on here are about Sinbad and King Henry. Meaning that, for you too, time slips are evident.

Or you’re just a bit curious .. or maybe your recent bout of Deja Vue led you to question more …


This holiday this year is a bit strange. There is a feeling for me that ‘time’ has danced faster than ever before. I think there are reasons for that. There is no evidence that time itself sped up in 2016 (though with big earthquakes in the past the planet actually did increase its speed) but I believe that the nation and world paying close attention to the election made time slip away.. We lost out on many more important things while debating who the leaders of the free world should have been.. just as staring at a smart phone can make your time vanish away, so can a collective mass all paying attention to the same diversion..

I think this Christmas season is hitting people like a flu.. we aren’t ready for it. We aren’t prepared… We have a big mess to clean up. And guess what, the flu doesn’t care when it strikes. Calendars don’t care either. They just keep moving like they should. The planet continues rotating as it is meant to.. life goes on as it needs to…

All the while, however, the time slip seems to be a much more talked about element of paranormal activity … one that actually could be defined and explained by future scientists who are experts in the field of psychics.. 

I don’t personally believe that ‘time travel’ will happen–at least not like one would think.. I believe that if we find a way to go back in time, we will simply make more alternate universes if we try to change things.. Sure, the story of that grandmother seeing shadows and then years later those shadows maybe seeing a grandmother suggest that worlds can collide, just like in DONNIE DARKO, but I just do not really believe in the grandfather effect (killing your gramps thereby killing yourself) really will happen.

But what do I know?

I think Sinbad played a genie, that red lights were on the top, and that a King Henry VII painting existed in my grade school social studies textbook.

…..speaking of what’s I know.. A sneak preview of a future post on this site: It is Christmas. And laugh if you must, but I say this now with surity: Santa Claus (and Krampus) are real. More on that later.

For now, Ta ta..