Thanks for not talking at dinner time

The big day.. the first Thanksgiving since we were told the world ended when Donald Trump won the November election.. and forgive me for speaking politically in another post, but let’s face it: This election and reaction has been visceral..

As I write this in a dark room during what we have always been told is the ‘biggest party night of the year,’ I have a light beer cracked open and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis in playing the background.. I am perusing the online world of ‘news’ article and realized that there are hundreds posted online from news sources across the nation all about how Thanksgiving dinner will be hit with politics.. and how to avoid it.

A few highlights..

The Baltimore Sun is speaking about how to avoid the dreaded political mayhem at the dinner table..

The Chicago TRIBUNE gives tips on ‘no turkey talking’ ..

A CBS affiliate is asking if you can survive politics on Thanksgiving.. 

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that some are opting out of Thanksgiving politics talk..

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Every year I post this image online. I have had a website since the year 2000, and around 2001, this was a shot taken by an AP photographer and it was posted online .. it was the first Thanksgiving that America had to live through since 9/11 .. that first Thanksgiving was difficult. It was intense.. The feeling of unity, however, was strong. There were American flags and pumpkin pies in every town and on every table. The photo of this man, on the eve of Thanksgiving, struck me.. it was someone who seemingly was racing through life, and with the events of that year racing around his head and our collective spirit, the whirlwind of time finally seemed to hit him as he raced for his subway.. and since 01, I posted this photo somewhere..

This year, time has moved on.. today the LA TIMES posted this photograph of people on the Left Coast struck in snail’s pace traffic jams..

Some are racing home.. some are pacing themselves.

We have come a long way since 9/11.. we have are now going into a term of a third president since the terror attack took place.
And ….united we stood then.. Divided we stand now.

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I question whether we are really as divided as media sources would tell us.. I have divergent opinions in my own family and undoubtedly, as we always do, we will discuss politics at the dinner table. We never had that ‘dinner is too sacred’ attitude to not talk about it..  I can also, however, acknowledge that this year there may be reasons to avoid talk. Hillary…Trump.. it’s been a long and hateful year.

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President Obama pardoned his final turkey today.

This has always been one of my favorite moments of any year.. it’s the time when you realize the holidays have begun. The famed presidential pardon. I assume Donald Trump will continue the tradition.. but he will surely look strange doing it.

You can easily get used to seeing someone in the White House. When Bush left the keys to Obama, it took time to get used to a new face. Just as much as it took when Clinton handed over the White House to Junior. And when Trump takes the reigns? Well that will be the weirdest sight of all.

We are going on the second week since Trump’s victory and it still feels like the same election fight from prior to November 8 is taking place. Tonight, CNN’s headline is showcasing Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory of 2million as their main headline..
….something perhaps only reinvigorating the debate that may take place at tomorrow’s dinner table.

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I think political talk at tables is fine.. There was always politics discussed in my family’s house when I grew up. There were battles, too! Oh my were there battles. Anger.. hostility..  The Iraq war was the same, as I can recall. As will, probably, be tomorrow. And any other holiday.

I think it is healthy, in this nation, to have a good old fashioned debate or chat over turkey and yams .. anything goes.

Instead of avoiding political talk, just have it! Don’t be afraid!

Just.. be calm. Careful. And kind. Those traits go well with opinionated Thanksgiving dinner talk.


Pilgrims wave on the Tom Turkey float in the 89th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015. (Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News)
Pilgrims wave on the Tom Turkey float in the 89th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015. (Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News)