​Ever since the tender age of 12, around the election of 1992, I have felt like presidential election days were like Christmas.. There is no gift except the Time and Newsweek magazine collection I have with presidential covers — yes I am that lame.  I kept my love for politics somewhat hidden but by high school was able to fully ‘come out’ …

There isn’t the typical right vs left mindset, however. Yes, I take stands and have beliefs.. Sure, I believe there are certain attributes of Clinton and Trump that are going to take my into a voting booth and allow me to have a choice—but that is something I will respectively keep private, unlike the rest of society with election booth selfies and Facebook pronouncements of candidates of choice..

To a degree, I am a political atheist. I stole that term from trends researcher Gerald Celente. I absolutely love the phrase, as well. Think of the concept: It takes into account that certain subset of society that looks at a two-party (even three party) system as strangely inhuman.. We all possess certain beliefs, mostly due to experiences or upbringing.. And then a political party comes along and we re-indoctrinate ourselves to sign up to the platform. We tend to march in lockstep with the affiliation. 

And that is the presidential election year accident. We seemingly, as a people, forget the ties that bind us and instead focus on the frayed fabric that disjoints us. “Make America Great Again” was used by Trump. But also Clinton in 92/96…Reagan in 80/84… What does the term mean? If so many presidents are busy making us great again when were we vs not great?

Without posting a flawed political prognostication that will embarrass me more than a ground hog on a hot winter day, I will simply say this: I think tonight will surprise many with the volume of votes being counted and the number of states going a certain way.. I think we are talking landslide possibility. (Or a completely divided electoral college with President Ryan set or January!  Think I’m kidding??!)   I believe we are done, as a nation, with this election. We are highly anticipating getting out vote over with, we want results by 10pm and concession speeches before the late local news. We want it all to be finished and, really, most people want their TV programs back again.

Heck with making America great again, make our airwaves free of politicians again!

Today is a magic day. And, being Night Terror News, we must also point out, a somewhat paranormal. Really.

First off, did you know that besides the big and mighty constant threat of election day hacking, there is also a threat from a solar flare? It may be weak, but it’s coming for the planet earth directly and set to hit our upper layers of protection right around the time that votes are being counted by grayed haired old ladies with pork and sauerkraut breath.. This election, particularly, has become strange with Wikileaks sharing a little too much info about ‘spirit cooking’ and other pagan type events that the alien-believing Podesta wanted to attent. And speaking of Wikileaks, it has opened an entirely amazing world for anyone interested in UFOs… Tom Delonge and former astronauts emailing high officials about Vatican knowledge of alien life! Stuff for the X-FILES right on our computer screens in real time.. 

And yes, if you search deep on the web, you can even find some opine that election day itself is paranormal and pagan, coinciding with ancient celebrations of the occult just as much as Guy Fawkes Day or May Day …

And today, you’ll remember remember the 8th of November.

When candidates finally stopped their talk and real life we again remembered.

Vote today. Some would joke twice. Others would say even if you’re dead.

But here, I will just talk to the living. I think…..