Forgive me for sharing and a dream…
It was frightening last night. There was a sense that I did something wrong.. that something in life, though seemingly quaint and perfect, was incorrect in all ways.

In my nightmare and dreamscape, I recall little. I think my family and I were at a dinner table.. perhaps even with a large group of people. But I was tending to an iPhone most likely for work purposes.. I think I was even frantically attempting to work something out. I recall then having to face my family. They had long faces and were surely upset with something I did.

I recall not speaking to my son in any way that was calm and collective.. I think he was angry at me … I failed to make eye to eye contact with my wife. She was angry too.

When I woke up in real life this early morning–later because we set the clocks back but still early–I had no idea what the dream was. It was unsettling because of how … imperfect… things were.

Ever have a dream like that? One that includes that dreadful sense of something awry but also without a burst of anything that compels you to know what the ‘awry’ anything is?

I have to make a very important professional choice over the next 48 hours. I believe wholeheartedly that it’s why my dream was insecure and without calm.. My choice has permanent ramifications for my family going forward. I am unsure as to what choice I will make. My dream signified my internal mental anguish and stress over the choice.

I hate dreams like that.
And choices like that too..