Nine years with no itch 

It has been nine years to date since this photo was taken. In it, you can clearly see my wife over-zealously pushing cake into my face. It set up for a great photo!

Amazing image of pumpkins and a fall-themed cake, along with my beautiful wife’s amazing dress.. And my handsome looks. Well, the back of my head.It has been nine years since we ‘tied the knot.’ And actually about 15 or so years since we first met and become friends..


With all the trouble in your world, you may not be too interested in a ‘love story that worked.’ But we did. In our own way..

There are times we don’t work as well as other days. Arguments ensue.. Busy weeks and weekends with a child in school who is now getting interested in after-class art groups and basketball and soccer.. It’s been a busy times. There are nights now where by 8pm we realize we forgot to eat.. This is parenting and marriage.

One day when the busy becomes calm, we will miss these times.. These moments of our ninth year.

Tara and I had an amazing wedding day. At that moment in time her mother was still alive.. Our families came together for a church service that my sister played the organ at and an after party that went into the night. I danced on a bar — a little embarrassed by that – but it was just that kind of night..

Time goes on. Days dry up and turn into night.. But the spring time of morning is born again every day. And for 9 years and going, our lives have been reborn each morning to ‘do it all again.’

There are trials and tribulations in life. My best advice, find someone who can help you through it and who equally can use your assistance for them. And make sure you love them. If you have that, you’re lucky. I have that. I am lucky.