When truth is reality and fiction is real: The political climate we live in now entering DEFCON 3

Last night, Matt Drudge of Drudge Report top story linked an article appearing on Real Clear Politics. The story posted on that site showcased a YouTube video from personality Joey Salads. Salads claimed that he set up a hidden camera and placed a car with Trump for president signs in a ‘black neighborhood’–unnamed by the way. The video ended with people trashing the car. Drudge’s headline brought notoriety to the video and it was shared around the world….

And none of it was real. Not an ounce.. 

It was actually conservative YouTuber Mark Dice who exposed the video as a fraud . Compliments to him on seeking truth and constantly exposing the rich nature of hypocrisy online–and on YouTube where people often profess that hidden camera joke gags are real but instead are simply vain attempts for clickbait and cash along with instant fame..

Dice and others online showed a camera angle not seen before–someone from the building behind where the supposed trashing took place actually was filming the set up: Camera crews were filming Salad talking while the ‘black youths’ were waiting to their cue to trash the car.

And THAT is how a hoax happens..

This has been an ultimate deplorable yer for information such as this.. The lies and propaganda from a variety of sources of deafening.. 

The Drudge Report didn’t set out to trick the public, but instead was duped itself.


Lots of duping is taking place.

Yesterday when Julian Assange was ‘taken off the internet’ immediate rumor mill websites posted links that he was DEAD. In bold headlines. Clickbait without any form of journalistic standard can now be found online … It won’t take long to find it.

There is some rumors that should be followed up on, however.. Such as the one where John Kerry was in London telling the Ecuadorian government that there could very well be ramifications if they don’t cut off Assange. And he was cut off. Did John Kerry really do it? Say it? We won’t know because these days the ‘real’ reporters wait for talking points and don’t follow up, while the online reporters assume they know and don’t wait for facts.

It is a rough world.

Wikileaks and the outcome of the Podesta emails are interesting. We are told to blame the Russians!! Yes, the Ruskies did it with their dreaded election hacking. But Wayne Madsen actually says it could have been UFO hunters hunting for X files that worked with Podesta and actually hacked the government servers. And gave it to Wikileaks.  

Maybe..? Blink once and it’s gone. Blink 182 times and Tom Delonge may have it.. 

Disclosure without the capital D.
This election is also working to divide people in ways I have never seen before.
Take Saturday Night LIVE for instance … First off the show hasn’t been that humorous, at least not to me, since the late 90s and early 2000s… But the Alec Baldwin Trump impression is actually quite comical. For two weeks now, SNL’s cold opening utilized humor from the now two presidential debates. The portrayal was Trump as a loose cannon of insanity and Hillary as a power hungry professional who is buying time until she win the election. But there is something very not funny about the SNL political humor these days. No, not because Trump bashed the Baldwin impression, but instead because we are so divided and the real world imitates showbiz so well that it’s easy to forget if we are watching truth or fiction..

There are families becoming divided because of this election. People debating and hating at 3am.

I know of at least one father who virtually disowned his son because of their political differences on Trump.. Yesterday while waiting for my pizza to be heated up at work in an Italian restaurant, FOX NEWS was playing and half the crowd was becoming visibly disgusted while the other half was proudly standing straight when Trump clips were played.
Everything has gone political.

And yes, even Halloween has.

Expect lots of Trump masks and Hillary outfits this year for the annual parade and Trick or Treating in your quaint little neighborhood.
The small town clown syndrome hit back in August. There were clowns popping up all around forests and even urban dwellings, scared the Bejesus out of people. 

Maybe the real clowns are just waiting for their cue… The real clowns of the autumn air are coming in November. To a polling place near you.

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