State party severs the server

Strange tweets last night were sent out by Wikileaks .. ‘pre-committments’ as they were called.. and only a few hours later, the internet world was in mayhem as Wikileaks sent out a message that “Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party” … they have “activated the appropriate contigency plans..” 

The world is buzzing about whodunit, but before curing the initial cryptic tweets, some thought it was a message that Assange was dead. Gizmodo was among those to note that the 64-charater codes were strange indeed.. Rumors quickly were uploaded to Reddit and Twitter, saying that the numbers meant a ‘dead man’s switch’ was turned on–many know that these switches do exist..

After the initial ‘severed’ Tweet sent by Wikileaks, there has been silence .. no more Tweets. No official statements by any governments or “state party.” Nothing. 

Wikileaks as an issue has been thrust into the presidential campaign, as anyone paying attention will know. With a debate this week and at least 9 sets (at the time I write this) of Podesta emails being dumped, along with these newest tidbits of info of espionage from the world of the darkest parts of the web, we will hear Trump talk about this quite a bit..

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