Halloween movies you’re told to watch aren’t the ones you should be

There are a few pet peeves that present themselves to me at this time of year..

Halloween, and the entire month of October, have long been my favorite sustained period of time of the entire year. Sure, I love Christmas. And yes even the Fourth of July.. but there is something magical about leaves becoming golden colors and the chill of fall starting to creep in at night.

Along with the exceptional weather and beautiful blue skies, also arriving in due time around this time of the month: Websites and news sites that give you lists of what you must watch or stream on Netflix. Movies like the ones presented here on IBT..  The IBT article is just a microcosm of the clickbait taking place all across Facebook and Twitter …

These lists.. These horror movie lists.. All of them are meaningless to me.

There has been a traditionally accepted movie that indeed I will watch on Halloween. It’s called HALLOWEEN. And the John Carpenter version. And now any sequel. Just that first film of Michael Myers before he had a name, just called the Shape. And the ending with him vanishing. Mustafa Akkad, God rest his soul, should have stopped at that first film. But there was money to be made.

What annoys me the most about the list of horror movies so many present is that the films have nothing to do with Halloween at all.  Yes, the EXORCIST or NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET could be fine to watch for fun, but if you want the ‘spirit’ of Christmas you’re not watching movies about the summer. Just the same, none of the horror films presented ever even contain anything much about Halloween. Except HALLOWEEN.

If you want to gain the real spirit of Halloween–unless you’re scared to death of it–here are some movies or shows you may actually want to watch.. all of them have a setting around the season and Halloween. It’s an unconventional list, but it’s my list.

  1. HALLOWEEN — yes I mentioned it before. But it’s the major horror movie about the season that seems appropriate to watch.
  2. Grumpier Old Men: It’s a comedy! But it is also it set around the season. Have a laugh at Samhain’s expense.
  3. Curious George Halloween BOOFEST from 2013: Alright.. this is the wimpiest choice I have. But I also have a five year old who has been watching this since the year 2013 each year, and I got to love it myself.. It’s innocent. We need innocence sometimes. . .
  4. It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: Despite the legend you heard, no pumpkin is seen. Not in this timeline at least. Yep, the Mandela Effect again, maybe I will write a post about that.
  5. DONNIE DARKO: A great movie.. a great film to analyze and study and contemplate. but not on an empty stomach. Regardless, the film is set around Halloween and Frank the rabbit is dressed appropriately..
  6. ET: yes! This was set on Halloween as well. One of the most vivid memories of the movie I have is ET with a sheet over his head pretending to be a ghost while trick or treating and seeing a child dressed as Yoda, and he begins to yell “home” at him..
  7. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Halloweenland vs Christmas.. and yes you can watch it from now until Christmas. A timeless movie ..
  8. The HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT: This movie was maligned and given highly awful ratings. However it may have been one of the best movies of the season I have ever seen.. the visual effects are frightening.. the amazing part is how you can believe it and feel the fear of it. And it presents a collection of amazing haunted houses across the United States.
  9. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Yes I said before I only liked one Halloween movie and it was the original.. but if you watch SEASON OF THE WITCH you will realize it has nothing to do with Michael Myers. As a movie it was laughable and funny.. but the concept was cool and worthy of horror on Halloween.
  10. To KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I bet you never expected that one.. but the seriously amazing film based off of the book has a slight Halloween theme within it..

So there you have it. My list. Unconventional at best..
Maybe some new suggestions that differ from the tired lists presented to you yearly..

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