From urban legend to insane clown posse

The small town clown phenom that his your local backyard this fall is now circulating worldwide.. And big time rumors are causing law enforcement in the United Kingdom to attempt to calm quivering coulrophobia sufferers..

A major splash in the sploids across the pond: Rabid clown attempting to hit school this coming week. On humpday no less..

Fro the SUN report,

Clowns_r_coming_to_essex, which is now private, declared schools in Essex would be targeted on Wednesday and encouraged people to propose other schools to visit.

The account was met with a mixture of amusement and outrage from people commenting on the posts.

It said the schools clowns would visit in the county are Bower Park School, Havering College, Sanders School and Marshalls Park School.

A post which included a picture of a clown and the Bower Park School sign said: “Next on Wednesday at 2:30 with 20 clowns with knife good luck.”

All schools were contacted and a spokesman for Havering College said they were aware of the posts and had passed the information on to their security.

A spokeswoman for Marshalls Park School said: “The school is aware of this clown phenomenon that is sweeping the nation at the moment. We have been made aware of posts on social media.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We are aware there is a suggestion on social media of clowns planning on visiting schools as part of this current craze.

The insane clown posse has been going round and round the world… all across the fruited plain in the US of A and now across the way in the UK.. all the world with a white painted face. Red nose. Red lips. And fear.

Lots and lots of fear..

Halloween is almost here. And when it arrives, the cold will come with it. All Saints and souls will pour in after the festival of Samhain.. And the clowns will be going into hibernation for another year.

But … as I said before many times, the most commonly accepted paranormal time of year is not Halloween, but instead Christmas. .. Move over clowns, watch out for creepy Santas next.