Del Bigtree was in Harrisburg Monday

You may love him.

You may hate him..

You actually may have no idea who he is.. 

Del Bigtree is the producer of the controversial documentary VAXXED–there have been countless screenings canceled and showings at film festivals halted due to the nature and content of the film..

Bigtree’s documentary focuses on purported dangers of vaccines. It is a controversial topic–and now with California prompting a law that vaccines should be mandatory for all children and adults (without any ability for people to fight back or do anything if a vaccine maker actually schmucks up a vaccine) the subject has been more on the forefront..

Yesterday Del Bigtree was in my state.. Actually in the state Capitol of Harrisburg .. You can see the video he filmed while he was live in the state Capitol here..

I did not attend the rally at the Capitol but I was able to meet Del Bigtree and speak to hm for a few minutes.

(That is him on the left and a strange looking me on the right) 

The group assembled was vocal and wanted their point to be heard..

Del Bigtree is making that point as he traverses the country promoting VAXXED. With controversy brewing every where he goes..