Sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down

​Arnold Palmer died on Sunday.

The golf legend passed away at the age of 87 near Pittsburgh. He was a legend… squeaky clean, famous, admired, even  had a drink named after him. In the latter half of the 20th century, the Republican party even courted him to run for national office. He never did. 

Another death occurred this weekend of a sports star–and it was certainly more shocking than an elderly golfer.. Florida Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a very tragic boating incident..  The irony is there. Fernandez fled Cuba almost a decade ago on a speed boat.. He died Sunday off of South Beach in a violent boat crash at the age of 24..  Two others were killed in the accident…

There are really no similarites between Palmer and Fernandez, with the exception of sports and fame.. they both played what they loved and were monumentally good at it. Both were known far and wide.. 

The major difference: Palmer lived a full life while Fernandez died in the beginning part of his prime. The riches and glory and fame and fortune, for both, didn’t matter in the end.. for both, the angel of death circled the wagon and struck.. For both, we lost legends and are reminded that sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down..

The late Johnny Cash performed a good rendition of that God’s gonna cut you down song.. but in moments of majorly famous people dying, I get more reminded of his version of HURT by NIN.. Cash’s video of the song is poignant and haunting–there are scenes where his earthly treasures are highlighted in his mansion.. all the while he sings the words ‘And you could have it all, my empire of dirt.’ 

We don’t have much time on this planet.

For Palmer, he led a good life and make his mark. 

For Fernandez, his youthful vigor was evident but now, in death, painful.
Make haste.. No waste..

Time is ending fast.

And you’ll one get get your taste,

of  moments that will be your last.

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