So shine on, shine on harvest moon, for me and my gal.

There are some rituals that develop as you age.. For me, one sort of annoying but yet rewarding ritual is a 2am (every night at this point) wake up call from Mutley the Dog. He has to use his restroom.. he has it all timed out. He is on a clock.


Last night while he was doing his business I stayed out a little longer than normal.. on the edge of a forest right behind my house, I noticed the rustling of leaves in the late summer almost early autumn air.. it was cool and beautiful. And the entire ground was lit up like day time! The amazing harvest moon was in the sky..

The Harvest Moon is the one that comes the closest to the autumnal equinox, so this year it falls in September, although occasionally this title can be bestowed upon the October full moon..

The harvest moon title comes from the notion that farmers and work late unto the night past the normal hours under the bright light from the sky to pick crops and get ready for the autumn.. The harvest moon was quite bright last night. If farmers were performing the old tradition of picking under the stars of the evening last night, they undoubtedly were guided by the beautiful neighbor near earth reflecting the sun of our solar system..

Last night, there were suggestions that this is a harvest moon in Pisces.. that changes are coming for society, and that a flood of emotion and goodness will shower down on humanity. WE will see about that.  Ain’t looking good for that logic just yet.

Humanity has a certain desire collectively shared: To continue humanity. In that spirit, there is an old song dating back to the early 1900s that explains how the harvest moon is the last chance of the year to grab a girl you love and kiss under the moonlight–things were tamer thing, but I’d dare to songs graphic songs of today do the same thing as this from 1903!

Shine On Harvest Moon penned in 1903 by the late vaudeville performers Nora Bays and Jack Norworth:

Shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky.
I ain’t had no lovin’ Since January, February, June, or July.
Snow time ain’t no time to stay outdoors and spoon.
So shine on, shine on harvest moon, for me and my gal.

So let it shine!
Let it fill the night sky was and aura of brightness…
Let the harvest moon fill you with a sense of purpose..
Shine on harvest moon, for me and my gal.

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