​The strange oddessy of political oddities continue in the United States..

Before long, we will know who is going to be the next president of the United States.. Only a few short weeks are remaining voters en masse go to polls. Some states are already allowing people to cast early ballots.. 

By Halloween of this year, expect a lot of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks. I am seeing a ton for sale at Halloween stores and the autumn section of Walmart..

After months of people speculating about Hillary’s health, the vast majority of mainstream news sources called such talk just conspiracy theory. . . Then the walls came tumbling down.

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks in New York City Sunday, Candidate Clinton ad to be ushered from the solemn ceremony while the list of names of the dead were being released. She was whisked away from an unmarked car. The media was not permitted near her. The world may not have known anything about why she left—ever—if it wasn’t for a law enforcement official telling FOXNEWS that she had a medical incident. The initial report was met with rolling eyes on the Internet. Mostly it became an immediate partisan issue, with people saying since it was on FOX it was from a biased source.. 

But the odd part.. no official campaign statement for an hour.. nothing. And then the mainstream began to ponder the reasons.. 

A bit after the rumors of falling took place, the Clinton campaign put out a vague statement that the candidate was overheated. That she just seemed weak and dehydrated, and wanted to go to Chelsea’s apartment in NYC to lay down. After she did for a bit, she was ‘feeling great’ … 

….then came the video.

A video was released from someone who was taking footage of the candidate leaving on a cell phone. It showed her being held up by handlers, shaking somewhat uncontrollably, and then falling as her legs buckled. She is thrown into the van by handlers. Reports indicate that she lost her shoes.

There was no more denials…

Hours later the campaign released an additional statement that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday—though she still went to a campaign fundraiser with Barbra Streisand performing.

The pneumonia diagnosis also comes a week after a nearly 5-minute cough attack forced her to abruptly end her Labor Day speech as VEEP candidate Kaine nervously watched from behind the podium..

The medical well being of both candidates, Trump and Clinton, is an important issue this year. Trump is older than Clinton. While he is more orange thanks for whatever tanning salons or booths give him the cover, he also has been forced to release medical information about himself, as well. Strange information at best—one single doctor’s note saying Trump is fine and dandy with nothing to see here. 

The entire medical situation with both campaigns is more reminiscent of some 1950s Soviet Union treatment than the American style of politics.

In 2008, John McCain’s health was a major issue. In 1994, Bob Dole was thought to be near death—at one point in that year’s campaign against Bill Clinton, Dole struggled and fell from a stage the weekend before the election…

In the 1984 election, Ronald Reagan was forced to use humor to disintegrate the issue of his age being a hindrance to governing the nation.

For the past three presidencies, the nation had a relatively young person lead the country. Bill Clinton was gray but his youth was apparent. George W. Bush became old and gray after 9/11 but kept fit and ran every morning at 5am—even the day after he choked on a pretzel. And President Obama now is in shape and a picture of health, despite his additional gray hairs and wrinkles. 

This year, with both seemingly aged candidates being subjected to merciless schedules of rallies and press questioning, the strongest will survive. And the weakest will fall.. 

If Hillary Clinton really is sick, if the rumors are true, if she cannot make it through a day without doctors pumping her with epipens, then this campaign trail is unkind at the least. 

Regardless of truth, perception is reality. 

And in reality, a video of Clinton shaking and falling two months before an election will portray her as weak and sick. 

But the strangest of all—minus all of the strikingly different stories of her health—is this: When she was shaking and went down for the count, there seemed to be no panic. No one overly concerned.. more like perhaps they have seen it happen before. Maybe when cameras were not on and there was no need to have public statements about her health….

AS the world turns.

The wildest election in history!

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