You’re not fully cleaned until your Oxycleaned.. on that strange island that does not exist near Australia. In this timeline. Or another. I’m confused.


I feel ‘oxy cuted’ .. you know that product, right? No, not the pimple meditation.. the other stuff that Billy Mays sold before his death.
There is a problem, of course.. the product, despite what I always thought, is not called Oxyclean. It is OXICLEAN. With an I not a Y.
Don’t believe me? Look it up..
I know, I know.. impossible! You recall the ads that said ‘oxycute’ dirt..Or pimples..  you know that the “oxy” was a reference to oxygen somehow being used in conjunction with the cleaner..? Am I way off base here?
But that is not what this timeline is serving up to you.
I have not written about the now famed ‘Mandela Effect’ lately. Which is actually too bad. I have had and led several conversation with friends and family over the past few months regarding the topic. Recently Heather Wade had a very listenable program on the September 1 edition of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT regarding the topic, should you want to go back and have a look-see.
But this Oxy….I mean Oxiclean issue is the most recent type of time slip I have experienced that actually, well, angered me. Anger because it just stopped making sense. Angry because my sanity feels in jeopardy so often when I delve into this whole time slip notion.
You and I have heard the scientists and experts pooh pooh the Mandela Effect theory.. mass hallucination! Sure, tens of thousands of people remember the BerenSTEIN Bears.. and yes, so many—including me—recall King Henry VIII holding a giant turkey leg in a painting that was pictured in history books in the 1980s.. The list goes on and it is being added to daily. Check for the complete annals of alternative history. It is an amazing site that no one can replicate.. Add your own commentary and voice to it as well.
With the latest Oxyclean or Oxiclean conundrum I experienced, it reminded me of another recent topic that I did not write about: The movie DAZED AND CONFUSED.  No, it was not a good film. It was that typical early 90s teen angst not so funny type of movie.. But it also has created a chapter in the history books of Mandela Effect lure.   Did you ever hear of the theory that there was a land mass off of the coast of Australia? It was a large mass and many thousands of people recall it—oddly they all recall it in around the same vicinity. There is no recorded evidence of this mass, or as some have dubbed it, Taured, existing. (also Google the MAN FROM TAURED for some creepy late night reading) .. However, a brief classroom scene from the film DAZED AND CONFUSED may add to the mystery. During the short snipped, there is actually a globe spinning that seemingly has that creepy now vanished land mass!
I went through the normal notion that it was a mistake. Just a misprinted map used in the film. Heck maybe even intentionally done. But this was in 93, long before the Mandela Effect theory. Then I thought, perhaps, the island shaped something was just a map legend. Or a logo of the company who printed it.. But it looks to island-shaped to be such. Or maybe so many people remember the map from DAZED AND CONFUSED that they became dazed and confused and recall this map as real history?
Frankly, none of it makes sense.
So why would a little dumb movie be the key to the Mandela Effect?  I have no clue. Perhaps the giant computer programmer in the sky forgot this movie even existed, so much so that the computer code erasing history never was updated the correct way?!
And why would Oxyclean now have an I…?
What if this…super computer popping into parallel dimdimensionsd messing with the timeline not only there, but also here? Sounds like fiction. But get this. (link) The website HACKED reported a year ago that a venture capitalist for the D-Wave computer system announced it had broke the 1000 qubit barrier and that some weird things are now happening.. The managing director of the company, Steve Jurveston, said that now super computers have become so powerful that they actually harness the computing power of huge numbers of parallel universes!  Pretty quantum and crazy…
Can we blame D-Wave?
Can you blame CERN?
And …why ..
And why..
And you know what is coming up? September 22. Or the 23rd. That is the date when some weird stuff happens. At least some speculate such.


So in moments like this, during times of frustrating no-answer question sessions, the best thing to do is sit back, pop in Forest Gump and realize you misquoted it your entire life (or did you) and eat a big giant turkey leg.

King Henry style.
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