The move DON’T BREATHE looks amazing, scary, and extremely creative.. I predict it is going to be one of the best horror films of this style in some time, and also one of the biggest movies of the summer .. This has been a wonderful year for horror so far–the summer has been profitable for the genre as well..

All that said, I wanted to point out the glee that some seem to be filling themselves with watching the demise of SUICIDE SQUAD. The article Iink here describes how SUICIDE SQUAD is ‘finally going down’ after three weeks of topping the box office..

A few points I wanted to make..

First off, movie reviewers are just as meaningful as CNN these days. In CNN’s case, things have gotten so bad for their election all Trump network, ratings have gone down. Tanked so much as a matter of fact that now CNN is being beaten by the once barely alive MSNBC.. In the case of movie reviews? All of those negative reviews for SUICIDE SQUAD did not matter one bit.. Not at all.

Instead, people went to see it anyway. More than once as a matter of fact. (Me included.)

Was SUICIDE SQUAD everything it could be? No .. but for a summer time comic book film, it was successful for DC, which hasn’t been stellar in the comic movie world as of late..

Movies come and go. In the summer, most of the time, they are one week wonders that rise with big numbers and fall by 80% the next week. Every now and then a sleeper comes along. SUICIDE SQUAD was not a sleeper, but it also wasn’t a dud. The movie made good money not only in the United States but also international box offices, too.. Harley Quinn is getting her own spinoff. And Jared Leto as the Joker?Eh.. Ithat point I will be kind and not comment.

SO let the movie pundits jump with glee! Suicide Squad is finally going to be dethroned. They tell us.

They tell us a lot.

And most people stopped listening.

But DON’T BREATHE? I am happy–estatic as a matter of fact–that a horror movie is going to bring down a comic book movie.

This has been a good summer for film . At least the types of films Iike.