Suicide Snob

The verdict was in early..
This movie, they said, was awful!
One of the worst..
Badly made.. badly acted.. horribly crafted..

And then SUICIDE SQUAD was released to the masses.. It had a big opening weekend.

Weekend number 2 wasn’t so bad either, it remained the top movie in the United States and, despite a 67% drop from its initial entry into the mayhem of moviehood, it managed to succeed in bringing in a cumulative $222 million with more than $10,000 per screen on average.

Not so bad for the worst movie of the year..

Let it be known, I saw SUICIDE SQUAD. I have my gripes and I also have my favorites. Will Smith was amazing, but he wasn’t Deadshot. He was Will Smith. He hardly wore the famed mask and what ended up as a result was Smith playing a sorta-bad guy but acting more like the main character from THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS..

One of my favorite characters from all of comics, Killer Croc, had little to say in SUICIDE SQUAD. Filmmakers took a magnificent character and gave him a lifeless set of morbid few lines. Some “sighs” and “groans” is all we got.

Randall Flagg? BORING.. My God boring..

The saviors: Margot Robbie. The humor was added by her portrayal of Harley Quinn. I liked her! I wanted to get to know her better.. I think a spinoff of the movie along with Joker, played by Jared Leto, may be in order..

Speaking of Leto.. I read a number of complaints that he was not in the movie enough … fans wanted more. Personally I don’t think he totally owned his role as the Joker. He seemed to borrow more off of the late Heath Ledger than creating anything original. That said, it also was not awful. It was fine. And he was in it quite enough. I think any MORE of the Joker, and we would have had a problem on our hands.

But looking through the window at this whole mess, the real problem in my humble opinion was actually the critics themselves.

This movie may have been hit with more awful reviews than any I have seen in recent memory. Besides the latest GHOSTBUSTERS fiasco, which by the way ended its run in box offices making less money than what it cost to actually make it.

Warner Bros.

The reviews were soundly negative. Critics rabid with hatred for this film wanted it to fail, badly. They wanted a rout. They needed to be right–the idea that fanboys created a horrid film through their inspiration.. movie critics turned out to be a lot like CNN covering Donald Trump: All negative all of the time.

Rotten Tomatoes results in a 27% rotten rating for the movie among critics. When looking at the fan based reviews, the numbers are better but not great–69% of fans like it.

And I liked it.
I don’t know if I loved it, but I loved so much about it that it is hard to hate it.

I loved the soundtrack. I listened to some reviews on Youtube where people are incredibly critical of the soundtrack.. Unfair. The music was on cue and happened at all the right times. It moved the film when most other movies would have gotten boring. It was well done.. at times perfect actually.

The colors were amazing. The way the movie moved was fine.

I read more reviews that were extremely critical of the film’s setup. There apparently was a company that made cut the movie in a certain way that some critics seemed it 2 hours of 2 minute trailers. But I actually liked that aspect! It felt like a comic book, like we were moving on and on throughout the film and there was never a dull moment.

The internet has done some amazing things.. connected to many people … even helped free nations. But it also created a whole group of people who think their opinion matters.  People who believe that their theories on movies actually is worth more than a hill of beans.

It is not.
As much as I hate to say it, mine does not matter either.

See, it’s summer. And in summer, people like movies that don’t matter. Things that are fun, stuff that does not have any consequences. It’s hot outside, and blockbusters often are mostly types of films you would either watch in a theater during the dog days of August or rent prior to a big snowstorm in winter. SUICIDE SQUAD, for all its flaws and imperfections, it the movie I expected. The movie I wanted. And the movie that needs to be made. A film without purpose, and just for fun. A movie with villains who end up looking better than saints. And the type of flick you’d go back to again with more friends–something I plan on doing next weekend.

Your opinion may matter..
But as of late, it is drowned out by so many who have an equal power to yours…