Did Bernie Feel the Bern? The conspiracy theory I had to share

Some call me a conspiracy theorist. I am not. I am an analyst. I enjoy the collection of strange and curious theories … so often the truth penetrates.. but just as often the misfits amongst us get a bit too wild in their approach.

I will offer the next portion of this post and allow you to make your decision and rational conclusion accordingly..

The Republican and Democratic conventions have ended. People can have their TEE VEEs back again.. Children can watch in comfort knowing neither side will begin a hostile takeover of the summertime 10pm hour..

The conventions were weird, though, weren’t they?
Perhaps weirdest: Watching Bernie Sanders the entire four days of the Hillary Clinton coronation.. something seemed odd, didn’t it? The way he went from being all in to being all out? The way he blindsided his fans and most of them became detractors with his ‘endorsement’ of Hillary Clinton..

According to some — and here is the fun little conspiracy theory — Bernie Sanders was physically beaten during the convention ..

You read that right..

Here’s the theory: He loses the nomination and his secret service detail is retracted. No more high powered security. Just a normal Senator. He appears fine one day. The next, he has a large bloody gash on his face. The last day of the convention: he leaves the Democratic party and becomes an Independent again.

Mixed in that theory is some truth..
He did leave the Democrats.. but that is not too far reaching of an issue since he was not a Democratic before, and became one to run in the primary. He also did have secret service removed since he’s a has been of the presidential cycle. The gash on his face? There was one..

The beating?

That is the running theory among some Bernie Sanders fans.

A post on Hal Turner’s website details the supposed beating.¬†And here is an actual Facebook posting to the Bernie Sanders page that details what someone says he heard concerning the gash:


Though some say conspiracy others will mock .. One comment on the conspiracy theory story I read offers up some non conspiracy. And then a new conspiracy:

If you look closely at the photo in the upper right hand corner it looks like there’s a dark mole there. Someone called Jane Sanders and asked about this and was told that the mole was looking suspicious for cancer so he went and had it removed. As for leaving the Democratic party- why in the world would he stay in a party that treated him like they did?

The truth!?

I bet it’s simple.. a dull razor. A dark room. A shaky Communist senior citizen.
Case closed?
Or …. a gash with a threat of cement shoes from goons…?

You be the judge.