The kfantasy you need in the ksummer

The park is in my back yard, almost literally..We get there as many times a year as we can. This year, with my son Ayden being 5 and going on 25 in his intelligence, he has finally opened his world up to more there.. The rides. The kfun. The kfanstasy. The kfood? Well he is still a bit picky..

But seriously.. let me just say: Knoebels may be the single happiest, best, and most amazing place on earth.

The little secret 90 years young, tucked away in the mountains of the coal region, is quite possibly the only place on earth where I forget troubles for a bit… where life as it is – out there – is on hold.

You can ride rides. If you want. Play golf. Maybe. Eat food. Whichever.. get soaking wet.. or just drive a slow train into the woods …

Whatever. The floor is yours.

I sort of am half and half… I want to tell the world how amazing Knoebels is. But also , sometimes, just keep it a secret …

But the secret is out.


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