The Brexit massacre

I watched Cspan since I was a kid. AS a matter of fact, I probably watched it MORE as a teenager than I even do now in my 30s.. I may have been the only teen boy in my school going through the perils of puberty and adolescence who knew who Brian Lamb was and looked forward to his book interviews. 

That being said, I immensely grew fascinated early in life with politics–but especially British politics. While I cannot profess to understand every little strange bit of regulation of their political process, the House of Commons and British Prime Minster question time has always been one of my favorites on Cspan..

Fast forward to our new world.. The “Brexit,” or in otherwise the referendum for the British to decide if they should remove themselves from the Eurpoean Union after, oh say, 40 or so years.

On Thursday, history was made. Boats were rocked. And markets will respond accordingly. The British people decided by a slim majority that it was time to be dependent on themselves, and to exit the EU.

The implications are far and wide. Already, Scotland is considering a referendum to remove itself from British control–the Priem Minister there voicing the opinion similar to author JK Rowling, that perhaps the whole vote to STAY with Britain months ago was misshapen by the notion then that the BRITS would stay in the union.. Even more, the majority of people under 35 voted to STAY in the union, around three quarters of younger Brits felt it was necessary.

That brings up an interesting psychological  aspect to this vote.  We know that people do not like change. We also know that mostly older people vote to remain the same. In this circumstance, younger people who only ever knew the EU in their lives voted to stay, rejected change. While those more ‘seasoned’ in Britain, Scotland, and Ireland all voted to go back to the times of their youth, those nostalgic days prior to 40 years ago.

Strange and interesting.

Equally interesting and shocking as the vote was the fact that Prime Minister David Cameron resigned. Not yet but by October or November, just as the Conservative party meets and ends up picking the next Prime Minsiter.

Among the many voices to leave the EU was Boris Johnson. He is a strange fellow. He is a British politician from the so Conservative party. But he was born in the United States. New York City to be exact. And Johnson, who considers himself to be socially liberal by economical libertarian, has been one of the steadfast voices for removing Britain from the EU. 

And he has exceptionally bad hair..

This morning, Donald Trump–another man from New York with exceptionally hair who is a strange mixture of liberal and libertarian–voiced his opinion on the EU issue… Trump said that a global movement is awakening and that the vote to Brexit was a positive result for England.  

There does seem tone a trend for nationalism.. One against globalism. Political bedfellows are weird, too.. Ttrump has begun a nationwide appeal for angry Bernie Sanders votes to side with him in the race against Hillary Clinton.

There may be a large amount of people who proclaim that Trump cannot win in November. But consider, many of those same people said he would not win the primaries.

In Britain, many voices said that Johnson could not win. And that the Brexit vote would not happen.

See a pattern?

Picture a future state dinner with two men from New York leading their respective nations. Picture them both with intensely bad hair.

The world is going through a monumental sea change in 2016. 

The markets will recoil today.. The global money will panic. It may be a jump from your 90th floor penthouse window sorta Friday.

When the dust clears and Article 50 in Britain is actually used, the EU will be minus a nation. A big nation–the 5th biggest economy in the world kind of nation.

The stars appear to be aligning for major changes, major events.. The Age of Aquirius is upon us..

What that means for Earth? Anyone’s guess.

The lurch begins. 

One vote and one nation at a time.

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