Getting to know all about it. Let me first say I sort of despise tofu.. I have been delved deep into the ‘veg’ diet for some time.. I have turned it into a lifestyle and am partially vegan–partially turkey and chicken eater, along with occasional fish. I have 1 meat day a week. And even with that meat day, I have been weening myself off more and more without much fanfare.

The more you stop eating meat the less you’ll want it or need it.

I tried a low carb KETO diet for about three days. I may end it.. I got the KETOSIS FLU. A weak body and low energy level. I felt much better and healthier eating carbs in moderation with high amounts of vegetables, fruits, and good fats. That all being said, I have really been trying to like tofu. Tofu, after all, is the perfect substitute. If only it didn’t taste like a wet sponge that has been soaking in dishwater, I may actually appreciate it. I envy those who brag that they can eat it, wet, right from the package.

Not even preparation needed..

No, just a big sloppy glob of the nastiest material on earth.

But the other night, I made BBQ tofu in the oven, topped with green onions and hot and sweet peppers. It was edible. I admit it. Grudgingly.

My wife enjoyed it more than me. My son turned his head in disgust–but he does that with lots of food. Tofu. Soy.. That is the problem. I hear so many adverse things about soy–stop eating it, it will create breasts in men and increase female producing hormones we are told.

But tofu, from what I see, is typically eaten by people awful thin and both men and women who seem to not incur the wrath of large breasts from too much estrogen.. I am really really trying to like tofu. I know eventually, say maybe a year from now, I will look back at this post and laugh at how I did not like the ‘Soylent Green’ of the vegan lifestyle. Or not..

Maybe I will just stick to dousing the product in endless amounts of undoubtedly high MSG-leveled BBQ sauce. The only good news is that the BBQ was high fructose free! But not soy free, ironically. Nor was the plate..

Lurking below the tasty goodness of GMO free barbecue? Flaccid, nasty, gross tofu.

Getting to know it is the toughest thing one can do.


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