Hawking wants to find life out there

Unless my memory serves me wrong, Stephen Hawking once warned against trying to find alien life.. It would be Columbus, he said.. we’d be dog meat compared to the technology of the extraterrestrials.

Fast forward to this article today:


Once there, a probe would sweep past the planets hunting for signs of advanced alien civilisations.

Earth-like planets have already been detected around the three stars of Alpha Centauri and scientists are hopeful that some may by located in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – an area where it is neither too hot, nor cold, for life to thrive.

Launching the initial $100 million phase of the ‘Starshot’ mission at the One World Observatory in New York City, Prof Hawking said: “There are no greater heights to aspire to than the stars.

I guess any of those old fears are alleviated somehow..

Life out there.
And the billionaires of this planet will find it.


  1. I remember him mentioning humanity’s only hope for survival is space colonization with pollution, nuclear war, disease, and other possible threats on earth that cold wipe out the race. I wonder who he hopes will be remaining to remain on earth to suffer such ill fated disasters and who will be the ones to escape to space?

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