The Sinbad movie that never existed?

The comedian Sinbad was not in a movie where he played a genie. I am sorry to say.. A few people I talked to remember him fondly being in the movie Shazaam. It came out around the same time as Kazaam with Shaq.

And all of that is plain wrong.

Shazaam did not exist. Shaq did play a genie in a tremendously unmemorable and awful movie. But Sinbad did not..

This is the latest ‘glitch in the matrix’ that even got me.
I recall this myself. I remember him in the outfit. I don’t quite remember the name of the film as some others do, but I am very clear on my memory of him being in an awful un-funny movie when I was younger.

All of this is fodder for crowds of people who have a new-found appreciation of the Mandela Effect. Every day.

For those yet unaware, or those who do not quite know the label to call their strange memory lapses or sudden shocks to learn that reality is different from what they thought, it is called the Mandela Effect. There are people–and lots of them including Stafire Tor on an old Art Bell show that somewhat started all of this–that believed Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. They recall his funeral. They remember the news headlines and nightly news reporting. And they were shocked that he rose to the presidency of South Africa in the 90s. Because, to them, he was long dead.

The time traveler himself!? Mandela!?
There are many other ‘glitches’ that so often occur since.
You may know of the famous debate: Berenstein Bears or Berenstain? A King Henry the VII turkey leg painting that has vanished from existence.. You can self-Google and medicate if you want to be in that debate.

There are countless others piling up on Reddit and other forums. People in large numbers mis-remember things. And somewhat creepy: They remember the same mistaken memory. As though a timeline shift occurred..

I have had personal oddities relative to this subject. Very personal ones that occurred when my father almost died in intensive care in 2013–right around the same exact week that Nelson Mandela died (for the second or first time depending on your memory)..

After a bit of time, you grow used to your memories becoming defunct as timelines alter. I have at least ..

Including last night, when I found out that Sinbad did not appear in the movie dressed like I remember him appearing in a movie.

I asked someone younger in my family if she remembers. Her response? “Who is Sinbad?”

The timeline for him, at least, has shifted…


  1. Yup, I remember Sinbad played a genie…And I’m definitely not confusing him with shaq….They are so different looking…idk what it was or what’s going on….

  2. I worked in a video store and we had 2 copies of that godawful looking Sinbad Genie movie that I vividly recall the cover for. This is so fucked.

  3. I remember Shazaam, berenstein bears, Reba McIntyre when her name was apecifically spelled with an I and not an E, my mom played her tapes endlessly in the late 80’s early 90’s and I was forced to endure it, I remember Mandela dying in the 80’s. I was super confused when he just “Reappeared”. I was born in 1980, and my fiance was born on the same exact month/day/year as me too, and we both have some of the same memories that don’t exist anymore. It’s insane. I remember adult diapers being called “DependS” because we used to make fun of our parents or people a little older joking about how they’d have to wear them soon, or probably already did. How can so many people have the same exact memories around the world/country, yet they don’t exist at this point? How can people just dismiss this? It’s too widespread an issue to dismiss, and there’s no such thing as coincidence! There are people that have the answers, unfortunately, they will not speak up. They just want those of us that remember to seem like we are just crazy. Remember the mpvie “Dark City” where every night a group of crazy goth alien people came into everyones lives and changed/manipulated everything about them even injecting them with new memories and building them new houses and completely different lives? Thats what this is like!! I don’t remember if that was a David Lynch movie, but hopefully you get the gyst.

    1. I was born in 1980 as well.. So the same memories on your timeline were on mine. Thank you for this amazing comment.

  4. Omg I do remember the Sinbad genie movie! I just looked up Shazam, they are trying to delete this memory completely. They are promoting a movie called Shazam to come out in 2019 with the Rock. Supposedly a Marvel movie. I see Marvel fans already have an issue with the title.

  5. Hi to from Curacao and i have a friend here on the island that assured me she also saw this Sinbad movie and made me look for it all over the internet without succes ofcourse ..but it is certainly weird the fact that so many people can recall this as a fact!!!

  6. I literally saw an interview with Sinbad and they ask him and he says, no I never made a movie called that he says it was SHAQ SHAQ SHAQ, but we do look alike. creepy as hell, Sinbad damn. Although I never watched that movie my friend with whom I spent weeks upon weeks at her house in high school had the movie laying around in her collection and it had him in a purple puffy sleeve outfit with an Arabian hat, his arms folded and his feet kinda faded out to a green cloud of smoke that went down into the genie lamp. this is how the cover looked. I never watched it, so I have no idea what it was about. I saw the cover on the VHS tape, this was the 90s wayyy before shaq’s was released. And yea those two look nothing alike lol I think we can tell the difference.

    1. Yes! I recall the same exact cover… Arms folded. He’s sort of sideways on the cover .. Glad you remember too.

  7. I was an obsessive Shaq fan as a kid. I remember seeing his movie Kazaam at blockbuster and around the same time Sinbad had a genie movie out too. I remember thinking Sinbads movie was an obvious ripoff of shaqs movie, in fact i was such a Shaq fan that I think that my current dislike of Sinbad may even stem back to that point. Weird. So now I guess I’ve been mad at Sinbad all these years for something that never happened.

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