The express elevator to unhealthiness 

Today while traveling to my job, in the elevator at work, two others were behind me chatting a bit. In quiet confined spaces, you can’t help but overhear their entire conversation.. In this matter it inspired me to get off on a floor and walk the rest of the way.
The woman was obviously perspiring more than usual for a 40 degree morning. The man she was talking too was pale and feeble, though he appeared to be younger than someone who would look that way.

The sweaty woman was complaining that she rarely walks much, and her walk from the parking lot to the building was ‘tougher’ than normal because her leg hurts. The man, sadly, said “the only exercise I get every day is walking from the parking lot to the building.” He went on to offer a bit too much information, border lining on putting him into a pathetic category, “I don’t even go to the bathroom much all day, I just usually hold it in.”

 How bizarre..

How strange that strangers tried to one up each other on the person who would die youngest, in essence, or the one who is physically lesser.

 My entire life has altered since about 5 or so years ago. That is when I had my son, Ayden, and when I decided that I was eating too much and not enough good stuff, drinking too much and not enough water, and not moving nearly as much as I should be. While perfection has yet to be found, I have been on a constant journey for success.

 I am attempting to exercise as much as I can, even with a busy schedule and day that eats up all personal time. Even walking 13 flights of stairs a few times a day is good. Which I do. Unlike my fellow co-no-healthers who desire pure gluttony and immobility.

 You see, there are times people who bathe in laziness confuse my senses. Secretly consuming loads of fast food and soda is one thing, but bragging about it is another. And pretending you exercise ‘at night’ when evidence shows you don’t is bad enough, but proudly wearing unhealthiness as a badge of honor is awful.


I felt very bad for my elevator car commuters. I stayed silent and soaked it all in.

 Do not be like this.

Don’t wallow in waste and falter in filth. And certainly, remember you are not only what you eat but you attract the same around you. I will not lecture anyone here about veganism or vegetarianism.. but take a peak into stats on both and compare it to those who consume loads of processed meats. Even if you don’t want to go the 100% meat-free lifestyle, try being a part time vegan. Do four days a week.. I bet you’ll see progress with that and, soon, you’ll be surprised with how little meat you want. Because you really don’t need it. You know you don’t. But you just haven’t gotten yourself ‘there’ yet.

 My elevator friends, though, don’t care. They’ll eat wings and beer, Cheetos and fries. The only portions of lettuce they may have is on a cheese burger.. tomatoes? Hold those. But pickles? Double those.

 MSG me up baby. High fructosing frolicking in the world of fast food heart attacks.

 I will take the stairs more often.

And I hope the guy behind me doesn’t ‘hold it in’ too long.. that creates a whole other problem not addressed by this post..