Kyrie Irving’s ‘bed bugs’ encounter one of many odd incidents at OKC hotel

Kyrie Irving’s ‘bed bugs’ encounter one of many odd incidents at OKC hotel.. But as the legend goes, it is not just bed bugs to be worried about in the Shirvin Hotel Hiton in Oklahoma City. As USA TODAY goes on to report, several other more paranormal events have taken place over the years, giving rise to the notion that the Shirvin is haunted. Some players have expressed their reservations about the location as well. From the report,

In 2011, Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson shared his personal account of the hauntings with ESPN after staying at the hotel. “At one point, at around 12:15 at night, my bathroom door just slammed completely shut,” Gibson said. “I don’t know what it was, but it just completely slammed. It took me a minute to kind of figure out what [it] was.” According to the New York Times, Jordan Hamilton and Wesley Johnson aren’t too fond of the Skirvin, either. In 2012, Hamilton send out a Tweet in reference to the Skirvin. “This hotel creeps me out every time we come here,” it read. In 2013, Johnson claimed that he woke up and found his bath tub full of water and his bathroom door closed. Most recently, Los Angeles Lakers guard Louis Williams decided not to take any risks, and reportedly checked out of the hotel to stay at a different location.

Hotels are scary places. Not just for bedbugs. But the other more other worldly creatures who inhabit the night.

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