NEW HAMPSHIRE RESULTS: The establishment loses

Pundits are going to opine within the next several hours about what the results of tonight’s NEW HAMPSHIRE primary means.. in the mean time, I will reflect a bit on what it means..

It means that a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont is appealing to people in a nation that once wanted to elect another socialist for a fourth term.. It also means that a billionaire developer who wants to build a wall and promises to give Americans their jobs back again is popular, too..

It means the establishment–the powers that be–fell flat.

Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush was the original plan.

It changed tonight with these results.
The headline: TRUMP. SANDERS.

Imagine saying six months ago that both would be the victors! Imagine thinking that either would stand a chance to win their party nominations above the fray of the other candidates that the backers and money men pushed! American democracy at its finest.. The people’s election!

The NEW YORK TIMES is set to report rumors of a potential CLINTON CAMP implosion..  That is pretty amazing too. Almost as amazing as former SecState Albright proclaiming that there is a ‘special place in hell’ for women who don’t vote for Clinton.

This all means that there is something in the air..
South Carolina is next.
Remember back in 2000 when “Bush” made things “right” with McCain after the mutiny in New Hampshire? The machine starts to roll now..
But the Clinton machine could not stop the people power of President Obama in 2007 and 2008.
The machine may not stand a chance, either, to the newfound burst of 21st century voters who know a bit more than anyone before..
Opinions are like … body parts. Everyone has one.
Votes are the same.
This year, we are going to see lots of ‘votes’ being cast..
And the results, state by state, may be as dramatic as the news tonight from the first state in the nation to vote…