Millennials dying hair gray as part of new fashion trend

Millennials dying hair gray as part of new fashion trend:

From man buns to lumberjack beards and normcore, the trend clock never stops. Keeping with that theme, it appears young men are now opting to turn that clock forward, embracing the gray.

Not sure how true this is. Perhaps the ‘millennials’ who are dying their hair gray instead of, as I am, fighting it off with hope and prayer, can tell me where the fashion trend is most evident. 

This from PIX11 in New York:

The trend – which is highly disputed on social media – was recently given a boost in validity by the New York Times, where the publication referred to two big names who recently went gray – Zayne Malik formerly of “One Direction” and Olympic Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy both rocking gray hair.

The job – which will cost you between $300-$600 depending on where you go – involves stripping the natural hair color and then adding some silver tones.


Perhaps it’s the Bernie Sanders effect! Hillary should go back to her natural color, or at least buy a wig that’s silver. The fox she’d be. 

In the mean time, millennials will just want to look like this: