US WEEKLY reports that a source tells them Slenderman will be the subject of the next season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.. 

They also report that Lady Gaga is wanted for another season.. No word on if they want to to play Slenderman..

I wrote about Slenderman a lot, you can check the annals.. The most recent burst of news on the creepypasta came with two young girls stabbing their friend because, they say, Slenderman told them to do it.. 

Incidentally, HBO picked up a documentary on  the Wauwatosa stabbing called ‘Beware the Slenderman’ that will air this fall..

Slenderman entered the pop culture lexicon only a few years back. But some argue he was always there–Slenderman in a sense represents the culmination of ages of fear wrapped into one internet meme. Even artistic rendering of demons and creatures from centuries back feature body types similar to the Slenderman .. it was only recently that the ‘name’ was put on with the fictitious creepypasta that somehow immediately captured the imagination of horror fans online.

This AMERICAN HORROR STORY potential is only a rumor at this point.. But it would make sense that Slenderman is the next topic du-jour..