Yes there may be another storm (but probably not.) And then .. the warmth returns

Yes there may be another storm (but probably not.) And then .. the warmth returns:

This is how ACCUWEATHER is reporting it today: 

Communities still digging out from the blizzard in the mid-Atlantic and far southern New England will welcome a break from accumulating snow through Thursday.

A weak system passing through the region could bring a touch of drizzle and spotty freezing rain on Tuesday that could end as flurries on Wednesday.

The system to watch for a new round of potential major travel disruptions will form in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday. The exact track of the storm will determine whether a swath of more disruptive snow spreads across the Northeast or remains offshore.

The model runs will continue to run.
Unlike the blizzard last week, though, this one just does not seem likely.

Models continue to go back and forth.

Even some of the forecasters who were the least shy about predicting a late week start are backing off..

Meanwhile: The forecasts are in for February through April. The temperatures and trends will make the blizzard of 2016 to look like a complete fluke in the middle of a warm year. The warmth will continue.. the trends are for above normal temperatures in the Northeast.. And lots of others places as well.

El Nino years can do this.. And do.