Your body odor could mean you’re sick

Your body odor could mean you’re sick:

Just like fingerprints, your scent is individual to your body. Your “odor print” is made up of unique stenches depending on your age, diet, sex, metabolism and health. So, when you’re feeling sickly, the aroma will be icky.

Scientists claim diabetes smells like rotten apples, glandular disease smells like stale beer and typhoid fever smells like baked bread.

Not sure how truly scientific all of his is, especially when the study was conducted wth doctors giving smelly T shirts to judges with ‘specially trained noses.’ However I am fascinated by the notion and it makes some actual sense to me.

Why wouldn’t it make sense, and why wouldn’t it be possible?

What’s YOUR odor print tell
You? 😟🍏😗

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